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They have to add humor huh?

I love 2 pistols!

Its probably a really shitty mobile game, but damn if this commercial for it isnt gold lol

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They have deleted the game from the app store for some reason

What is The difference between a Strike Team and a Task Force is

Ha bridge the gap campaign is a reference to zombies.

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it's already 100%. they only need is the sponsor
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What is the difference between FEMA's the strike team and the task force


The difference between a Strike Team and a Task Force
This is like vector
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U guys should add survival multi coop against harden wave of enemies like mw3 :D


Holy hell this video got a lot of views
Okay what's wrong with freaking mobile games. They are really fun. It is something to do when you are away from home like come on people 😒


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Its great game
What is the difference beyween a strike team and a task force
What is a difference between a strike team and a task force
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