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yuyu's latest information by STAFF


Here is yuyu's latest information.
* You'll be able to see whole work process from the above link.

She has just finished a huge painting on the brand new house's entrance wall.
The wall painting is so brilliant and gorgeous. The attached picture can tell you how big 
it is.

This project was made by MR.Nakagawa who owns T's Housing Real Estate Agent
located at Tsujido Shonan Beach which is well known as producing 
" SURFER'S HOUSE " http://surfershouse.jp/index.html at the Shonan Beach area. 
This house is one of "SURFER'S HOUSE" and the house owner wants yuyu's art
drawing on the entire entrance wall. 

The theme of this art is
" The path of the secret surf point..."
When you pass through yuyu's jungle , the path will take you to a beautiful
secret surf point just like the ocean picture hanging on the front entrance wall. 
That's yuyu's image of this art.

The house owner was so impressed with her work and yuyu brought lots of happiness. 
“ Help them out & Make them happy”  
This is yuyu's concept for all of her works.

If you get bored with your house wall just contact yuyu to remake your
house. http://www.favoritequeen.com/
With Christmas and New year just around the corner, I wish every one will
have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas.

by  interpreter  pooyang