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in the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight

in the mighty jungle song and lyrics

I think the cgi looks to gamey. Needs more post production tone down the colours.
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12 november i am B-Day
mate this is really good if I didn't know who made it i would've thought treyarch made it.
You're a lost explorer Harry!
Just watched the movie, it was amazing
Awesome, first time I've seen a Rick's Bar, Key West, t-shirt in a movie!

01:23 The sound like a Saving Private Ryan Movie,at D-Day Invasion 
in the mighty jungle song
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The trailer looks good 👏👏 I'm excited !!
Great movie
This movie was AMAZING the trailer makes it look a little different, but its better in all the right ways
Great job dude
You Do Not Know How much nostalgia and how much i love this!! please do this again!!!!!! .


Bruh the monkey part of the trailer was done so perfectly man always gets a laugh out of me. Good job man😎
Beatifull colombian locations


Where can I has this version of the song? 
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Damn I thought this was official good job guys