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All Cage has to do now is sign up for 411 and he'll have his own trilogy.


I want to see a retired cop face off with Cage and Liam Neeson.

Wonderful trailer

Give me a link for this movie full movie Thank you

The writer and director of Winter's Bone + Ben Foster = Must See!

soppy shit trailer for women wont see it then

Damn I cried just watching the trailer

Fifty Springtimes

How did brother love get out of Seattle?

Thumbs up If you agree Ben foster is a super talented actor.

another loser story line.

Great. Tye's second movie this year. ♥
rach is still bangable though
This looks phenomenal!
Shame what happened to Nicolas Cage. Hollywood wont touch him anymore. He went bankrupt and although he is a good actor, he can only get these kind of movies now. :(

Iraq and Afghanistan: Infinity War

Tariq be doigg them same old facial expressions 😂😂 some dead actor

Im gonna watch this rather than avengers

Trailer starts at 1:11 .

Looks good. I'll definitely go and see it.

So confused

Nicholas Cage is in every 15th movie that is being released now. Big bucks for him. Be like Nicholas Cage.

This movie is based on the north hollywood bank robbery in 1997 where the robbers where armed to the teeth with fully automatic weaponry and body armor.... the funny thing is the two men were deeply influenced by the movie Heat (1995) and could have very easily got away if it wasnt for stupidity on their part.
Aww yall shot this outside my house it looks great you did a good job!!!.
I read the book years ago,and I hope that the movie will be a masterpiece like it

Soldiers wearing my 3rd Cavalry patch...Brave Rifles!
You can't live on public land Lol State wants money
Wait so how did she get revived
not sooooo hurt locker.. hurt locker is in another level baby..
Might be good.
I'll watch any movie with Nicolas Cage- In a good quality using boxxy software!
Toni Collette is coming for awards this year

Ben Foster is by far an actor with extraordinary limits...that's rare...Hollywood should make more movies with him.
It wasn't bad movie. He did good in this one.
Guys don't let this distract you from the fact that this is the real ant woman. She will be in marvels next upcoming movie. Look it up..

“This year’s Hurt locker”. Yeah... we’ll see

captain fantastic 2, cool
Whose song is the end credits?
Nic Cage = thumbs up
jennifer aniston in a serious movie. finally
Ben Foster is the truth. You will watch a movie just for his scenes.
I see Nic Cage, I click
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the Vulture resurrected her.
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Morning Pinkerton ~ Charlie Prince

Ben Foster deserves an award .