Mr. Shinbo,
President Moon
“Because we have agreed once…”
Discomfort with remarks





辛坊(Shinbo) 씨, 문 대통령 "일단 합의했기 때문에 ..."발언에 불쾌감2

辛坊(Shinbo) 씨, 문 대통령 "일단 합의했기 때문에 ..."발언에 불쾌감1

辛坊(Shinbo)氏 ムン大統領「一度合意したから…」発言に不快感1

辛坊(Shinbo)氏 ムン大統領「一度合意したから…」発言に不快感2



Wake up ! Plus

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The program on the 31st will be the president of Korea Moon Jae-in

Special feature mentioning the issue of “workers from the Korean Peninsula”

Mr. Moon said that it wasn't a matter that everything had gone

because he had agreed once

Jiro Shinbo ,

It was said that it would not end

if this was said in the agreement between the states


Mr. Jiro Shinbo , President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in



“Because we have agreed once…” Discomfort with the statement…

“If you say the agreement between nations like this, it will never end.”


Japanese TV series “Wake Up! Plus” broadcast on 31st

(Saturday, 8am) featured a worsening relationship between Japan and Korea.

In the program, Korean President Moon Moon ( in )

Japanese government takes preferential treatment in export control on 29th

In response to the exclusion of South Korea from the “White Country”

“For whatever reason,

There is no doubt that Japan has entangled historical issues

with economic issues. ''

And more

The Japanese government on the issue

of “application workers from the Korean Peninsula”

Keeping in mind that it has Not been resolved

in the 1965 Japan-Korea Claims Agreement

“It ’s over because we ’ve spoken to you once,
we have agreed once,
because It's not a problem that can be ended when everything has passed . "

It reported that he appealed.


Jiro Shinbo caster is in this remark

“What you should reflect is not to be continued,

If we say an agreement between nations like this,

No matter how much Japan-Korea agree, it will never end. "

Pointed out.


“The president has made such a statement,

Isn't this a weird story?

Why Isn't it a story that seems to be strange in Korea?"

He was wondering.


Japanese comments


I don't think it can be solved just by agreeing once !
It ’s amazing. There is no agreement with this country.
Do not agree.

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I'm tired of facing such a country seriously.
Because it is a neighboring country ...

Let's stop cooperation.

Ignore it and feel indifferent.

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Zeitra “I think it can be solved just by agreeing once”
Did Edano Sea believers finally understand?
Trying to agree 1 million times

Trying to apologize 100 million times

Trying to compensate 1 trillion times never ends
That's right Something is mad wrong with Moon.

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>> Since it ’s been a reflection, it ’s over,
>> Since it has been agreed once, it can end when everything has passed
>> Not a problem

So what is the treaty?

If you do n’t realize that something is wrong

I think the president is really Something is mad wrong with Moon.

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