The North-South leaders meet
as soon as possible and talk to open-mindedness
April 12
President Moon Jain returned soon after finishing
the Korea-US summit meeting held at the White House
on the morning of 12th (Korean time).
Although the talks did not have the groundbreaking results that
we had originally expected, we decided to remove the uncertainty
after the Hanoi North-US Summit and provide
the appropriate opportunity needed to take advantage
of conversational power be able to.
Now, with the outcome of the Korea-US summit,
President Moon has met with Kim Jong-un,
chairman of the State Secretary of North Korea,
and remains in charge of coordinating the North-US position car.
As a result of this summit, what It would like
to mention first is the confirmation of the will of the leaders
of the two countries-Korea-US dialogue resumption-Korea.
In particular,
it is not uncommon for the two leaders to bring their meaning
to "promoting the North-South Summit."
President Trump is promoting the North-South summit.
"Understand and quickly inform North Korea's position through
the North-South summit and other contacts"
As a moderator, the position of the President
of the door can be made firm enough.
It is also meaningful that President Trump showed
a positive attitude towards holding the third book-US summit.
Our efforts have made it possible for the North-US Summit
to be held continuously, following the North-South Summit.
it is disappointing that the Korean government decided on the initial goal
of the “comprehensive agreement – ​​step-by-step transition”
denuclearization arbitration proposal
at “Korea-US leaders' open-mindedness debate” level. It is a thing.
President Trump showed that "big deal" is in mind.
But at the same time,
"Various" small deals "may occur and sometimes they
will be put out and solved in stages."
What has been mentioned is that it opens the possibility
of a flexible approach in the future denuclearization negotiations
and actively deserves a ball.
It is also regrettable that the debate has not progressed
on the issue of reopening the Mt. Geumgang Tourism
and Gaesong Industrial Estate,
which is of interest to all the North and South.
President Trump said that he must maintain the current level of sanctions,
but said that now it is not a proper time
to reopen Geumgangsan Tourism and Gaesong Industrial Park.
It looks as if we are still focusing on the conclusion of the sanctions package,
so that it is not easy to negotiate with the North.
it is the third successof the North-US summit that Korea-US
leaders saw consensus that the 'top-down'
approach is essential to the peace process of the Korean peninsula
It deserves a positive evaluation in terms of raising.
What Moon should do right now is to hold the North-South Summit
in the early days and put North-US negotiations on track.
We do not know which private agreement was made
at the Korea-US summit meeting this time,
but it seems that it is not easy to persuade North Korea
if we see only what has been disclosed once.
However, since President Trump's intention has been confirmed
to some extent,
it is now important that President Moon
and Chairman Kim Jong Eun meet directly and exchange frank opinions.
It seems that as North Korea finished its system development
through the Supreme People's Assembly,
it could afford to look at North-US negotiations.
We look forward to an open-mindedness forum
for the two leaders to meet as soon as possible
through North-South contact.
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