It deviates from the fundamental purpose of ODA
Design change and early fresh water

Possibility of Laos dam accident
The pursuit of profit of SK construction and unreasonable contract
of export and import bank
Suspicion that a disaster evoked
It occurred in Laos on 23rd July
Sepian · Seamnamoy Sub-dam collapse accident
In relation to the planning finance committee in the national affairs audit
Together Democratic Party Kim Economic Cooperation Council has
caused the accident
"Excessive design change for pursuit of profit
of SK construction and
For impossible construction period shortening "
He raised allegations that.
"The Korean Export-Import Bank also signed an
80.8 million dollar contract with the Laos government
We will conditionally provide an early freshwater bonus
of $ 4.8 million. "
In fact it proved that he signed a contract to dismiss the construction term.
Immediately after the accident SK Construction
and Western South Power Generation caused the accident
Present differently as each
They tried hard to avoid liability,
The cause of Laos dam accident is not yet clearly revealed.
It is not too late now.
Against the allegation that the government surrounded
the causeof this disaster
We must obviously take responsible measures.
According to Kim Economic Cooperation Council office,
"SK Construction was delayed 7 months
behind schedule for construction
Even though I started in November 2013
Early freshwater started as planned,
We also managed the freshwater period
from 6 months to 4 months.
Early freshwater bonus to secure $ 20 million

We have shortened the construction period. "
He,s saying that.
An allegation of design change to leave profit also raised.
"The auxiliary dam height during
the Laos dam construction process
It was 6.5 m less average than the basic design,
This is a design change for cost reduction "
It is said.
"SK documents include '$ 19 million to secure additional profits
V / E (design change) implementation 'etc. intensive discussion'
Has been done.
With such construction shortening and early freshwater etc.
SK construction invited itself to bad construction
The allegation that is raised right after the accident is a problem.

"SK construction has basic design, implementation design
and construction details
They will not disclose the confirmation materials
to the lawmakers' room because it is' confidential '. "

"Immediately after the accident
'SK construction construction'
construction period shortening 'and'
Deleted articles with contents
that 'Early freshwater bonus was awarded'
It also happens that it happens.

This is not the only problem.
Lao Sepian · Senam Nomadam project
"2015 International Development Cooperation
Comprehensive Enforcement Plan"
Naturally the related budget was not formulated because it was not in.

On the contrary,
Voluntarily in May 2015
We decided four policies to support vice-ministers in developing countries,
"In the same year December, we rushed to Laos Dam Project
for $ 58.1 million(68.7 billion won) was paid.
It does not go through the Diet Budget Review Procedure "
Even though~ That's it.

Korean Import & Export Bank provides the early freshwater bonus
The fact that the deputy secretary has made a contract,
Again for corporate profit security,
Poverty extermination and humanitarian realization
It deviates from the basic purpose of official development assistance (ODA).

Such contracts and unreasonable shortening of construction period
Although it is highly likely that it affected the safety of the dam,
"The government not only has dam stability,
but also the project is a foreign economic cooperation fund
(EDCF) Is it safe to fulfill safeguards?
Were they prepared measures
for non-voluntary immigration properly,
They did not carefully consider the contract and signed.

This time the disaster
While companies ignore social responsibility and corporate ethics,
If you are focused on earnings and promote your business,
That is eliminate poverty in the countries covered
and contribute to development,
Show the fact that it is against the purpose
of development cooperation project.

To prevent this
Ignoring the government's responsibility
The same is true when trying to guarantee the profit of a company.

Civil society already
Destroy the environment of the local community

government's can hurt  local community life,
We raised deep concern for such development cooperation project.

even now
"The government caused the incident due
to the Laos dam accident (thinking)
to forcibly change the design
to pursue excessive profit of SK construction
or shorten the construction period"
Is not that,
Whether there were other dangerous factors
in the dam construction process
It must be clarified clearly.

An unfortunate accident happens due
to Korea's development cooperation project
In order to avoid it,
It is essential to investigate the truth
and investigate responsibility for Laos dam.

October 17, 2018

「태국, 캄보디아 방한단」の画像検索結果

Laos Sepian · Seamnamoy Sub-Dam Accident (Thinking)
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