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In August 29th, only 3 days away from school in Shandong, Yangxin, Lin village home, Shen Borui red eyes read Yantai University President Guo Shanli's letter, immediately promised: "I will report on time!" Does the university want to read it? Who is this family of troubled young people difficult to untie the knot. (China Youth Daily, September 5th)


According to reports, Shen Borui has reported to the school, and the school has also provided Shen Borui with a number of assisting measures such as student posts, grants, temporary difficulties subsidies and so on. This is a relatively successful result. It is worth pondering that education departments and universities have clearly declared to the society, "no student is allowed to drop out of school due to family poverty", but every year,The new polyu admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps. students like Shen Shen will give up school because of family poverty.


In recent years, every university student has been enrolled in the school, and there are media reports on the care of poor students. Although this kind of activity "is very touching, but will let some students mistakenly think that there is no national assistance policy. For social donations, a long-term mechanism should be formed to encourage donors to set up special scholarships and grants. Objectively speaking, the implementation of the national policy of helping the poor, than reported in several "story" of the students is more important.


The education department has asked the university admission notice in time to introduce students to the student aid policy, in recent years, all colleges and universities have been implemented. bull marketThe problem is that some poor students do not read the materials sent by the school seriously, and do not believe that the school will have these policies, and then do not actively contact the school. As the person in charge of the Communist Youth League of Yantai University Dodd province said, the reason why so many people concerned about this, because "everyone wants to know whether the subsidy policy can really fall". Objectively speaking, many poor students of college student aid policy wait-and-see attitude.


After the poor students admitted to the University, do not know what is the nation's policy of helping the poor, probably because there is no high school education in this area. It is the responsibility of educators to educate and guide students according to their environment (educational environment, social environment, employment environment), combined with their own situations (situation and family situation), establish appropriate goals, and achieve educational goals step by step through scientific and rational plans.Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and attractions in via PartnerNet's Travel Hong Kong website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.


"Not letting any student drop out of school because of family difficulties" is not an empty word, but a policy of benefiting all students. Let every student believe that university "never let any students drop out of school due to family difficulties, helping the poor policy to be successful.