Veoh Finders Keepers


Veoh Finders Keepers




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I think Malcom looks kinda like Liam Payne (older...obviously) from 1D

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Movie:The boy Me:The girl Mother:WHY girl Me...

E stupendo complimenti


That girl can't even take care of a doll. I wonder what she'd be as a mom.

So this is somewhat kinda a remake of the descendents lol....but above ground.....ill give it a chance


brahms like a normal toddler who throws a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants only hes a doll

This horror movie its scary but not the scariest.For me the scariest film is evil dead,if u guys haven't seen it yet see the trailer but don't see the film cause u might have a heart atack lol it's so freaking scary so I couldn't sleep that night gosh.


Guy: and this is our son. (shows doll)            Girl: HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA         Guy: >:(

White people
Magie eres la mejor


guys remember if the person was smart there would be no movie so obviously she had to be dumb and break the rules
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que buena actriz

Bra love this movie give the shout out for the boy love your movies
So...did maggie get the beating from the baseball bat?
Samara is the mother Penny wise the killing clown is the father Anabelle and the boy are the kids if penny wise won't eat them Omg the perfect killing family 😂😂😂
I acc like the doll it’s so cute, and I felt heartbroken when she kept on tossing him around in the beginning since there is a little kid inside. When he made her a sandwich and said “it’s your favourite” it so cute man. Just go on with the list.
I watched the film.. IT'S SO CREEPY..
It’s kind of creepy when you treat a doll like a real human..
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So many questions: Did the parents start the fire to intentionally kill the boy because they knew he killed the little girl and didn't want him taken away? Or ... did they really believe that he died and thought the doll had his spirit in it? Or did they know he was living in the walls and let him stay in the walls because they told everyone he had died? The grocery guy said the place went up in flames but it looked like only that one level had fire damage, what was the deal with that?.

Is this like another jumpscare compilation called horror movie? Horror movies are not about insta high volume jumpscares. Its about delivering creeps and tension. Rare writers this days can come up with good horror movies..
Reminds me of Chuckie, but better looking doll than Chuckie.
oh look its maggie from the walking dead
It's a shame, the ending ruined the movie for me.

Why don't you just smash the shit out of it? It's a porcelain
annabelle 3
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Its not a bad film.
this is the most terrifying thing i have ever seen i have DOLLS i don't even say the word DOLLS/DOLL
The main actress for the Nanny is the same woman who plays Maggie Greene in AMC's The Walking Dead!!!

Can anyone please tell me the ending lol

Horror is officially dead! It started with original night of the living dead,died,,when they made the original dawn of the dead,best special makeup still! Tom saviani is a master!! Even cgi doesn't come close to him. He deserves an oscar.

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maggie from the walking dead


Look like a great syory👍👍

My worst nightmare...? Hell nah my ex is 😒😒

Touched and Rich brought me here.
This don/t make me scared;-;
It's like a boy Annabelle
spoiler even if iam late but I watched the movie when it came anyway the doll is not haunted it's the kid who grew up and hides in the walls and moves the doll around and if dosent follow the orders the dude will get pissed.

Annabelle vs the Boy?