It's been too long since I blogged. Ameba has even changed their blogging layout and I didn't even know till now lol *hides away in shame*


But yknow, just been busy working and meeting friends and gaming and whatnot. June has been absolutely insane and now it's already mid-July. Time is passing too fast, I feel like I haven't really enjoyed my holidays enough.

Nevertheless! I shall enjoy whatever's left of it! More Anime and games!



Last meal before she flies, boo!

Meet-up with the cute Bren!

*up And so, work

Office days

Miss this girl so so much, sobs

Bro bought a 3DS, plus tons of games! I'm a happy sister LOL

Sometimes, the besties come find me for lunch during weekdays ^^


These were all done much later but wow, much pink

My buddy & fellow designer, Angela! <3

Stamp turned out quite nicely! Hmm

Date w/ the wanton! Hehe

*up At one point, my hair was red.....;v;

Of course, June means the annual Funan Anime Matsuri! As usual, working with overseas Cosplay guests again! This year,  I'm doing the Taiwan team.

I remember exactly how shag I was, working the entire week and day, then fetching them at 2AM and then, bam, FAM several hours later.

Day 1: Hi from Ning and Mr Bao!

*up Taiwan team is Shimo & Neneko, with Shareen!

Best working buddies ever (+ ning also of course!)

Group photo w/ everyone!!

Shimo • Neneko • Angie! Everyone looks so good!

*Magically zips to Day 2* lmao. Less shag today!

My psycho friends Amanda and Bren have come XD

With the cute Shimo! I like making all my guests do weird faces with me

Angie!! *hugs her*

With the good-looking as always Hana!

Learning how to use MYXJ with Ning and Baozi!

Group photo 2!!!

Post-FAM, met up w/ the gang!

I hope we really get to go on the Australia drive that we're planning! After I graduate!!

(omg I really hate this new blog system on Ameba. I can't tell how many lines are used in between....)

Will blog again really soon!!!!!


Playing with this cute generator thing by Sanrio! I hope this looks like me hahahaha



It's the end of May but my first post of the month. 叫び


Although I really intended to just stay free and not do anything this hols (except like, yknow, play games and read and watch Anime), I'm currently now working, at Bushiroad SEA. Again, it's events and Japanese pop culture content lolololol but since a) that's up my alley, b) I need money and c) I'm there to help out a friend....ok desu.

I still make it a goal to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends these hols, so I've been going out regularly and trying to catch up with people. It's quite nice, really.

Other things that I've been properly doing through the hols (so far) is reading. And doodling.

Stuff like that makes me happy~ニコニコ ニコニコ

I have an insane load of overdue photos (seeing that I take a lot of them like, every single day, and whenever I go out) so let me upload a couple now! Happenings from end-April till recently:

キラキラUP Right after assessments! Hehe

キラキラUP Date w/ Rachel #1

キラキラUP Dinner & drinks w/ LASALLE matessss

キラキラUP I've read every single English-translated Keigo Higashino book. I need more!

キラキラUP Looking at my Hyde and Co. photos make me want to return again

キラキラUP Won't have Tito again in Year 3 so we're gonna miss him ;_;

キラキラUP Date with Jenna & we've like, 2000 photos

キラキラUP Buffet at The Line w/ family!

キラキラUP My watercolour skills have deproved, lol

キラキラUP Missed the Taiwan-trip gang! Milk cow!!

キラキラUP Date w/ Valz! Hehe

キラキラUP Spending time w/ the fam is always good

キラキラUP (^ε^)♪

キラキラUP Date w/ Bren!

キラキラUP Date w/ the bean and Winnie! It's been long, dear mama!

キラキラUP Present from my wifey. Thanks Hana & Baozi for keeping it for me!

キラキラUP Went to SCANDAL's concert this month also!

キラキラUP Thanks Kai for accompanying me!

キラキラUP Fluffiest-looking beer I've ever had

キラキラUP Date w/ the xiao ji

キラキラUP Cafe hopping pretty often. Discovering a lot of cool new places.

キラキラUP Date w/ Rachel #2

キラキラUP From a penpal! Old school snail mail letters

キラキラUP I keep eating so much (which is why I need to work for $ tbh)

キラキラUP Friends for 22 years (this line will continue forever, ha)

キラキラUP AKB election singles!!! Yes, I'm still into them and I voted again this year

キラキラUP Just this Friday: More drinking sessions w/ the xiao ji

In June, I'll mostly be working. I hope to meet more friends for meals and go out still (and of course, not overtire myself lolol #mottoinlife.) I'm helping out for the Funan Anime Matsuri, and coordinating / designing for the Chara Expo , so if you got the time, please come take a look! It'll be fun!音譜音譜

I really want to blog more but I'm busy / lazy (this is what happens when you got too many blogs & social media shizz). I'll still try because I love this blog, but meanwhile, Twitter is the best for everything.


I'm recently so into back number's songs that I listen to them all the time. Shimizu Iori's expressions when he sings *sobs* Silently, this are the type of guys that I like (have I just exposed myself, lol). I will watch them live, someday.

Along with like HSJ and KAT-TUN and GesuKiwa and Ling Tosite Sigure (and like 10 other artists that I also really like).

Gonna watch Ore Monogatari now before bed. This Anime is hilarious, and deep down I'm still the closet Otaku that I am.

キラキラ おやすみ キラキラ

Went cafe-hopping just this Tuesday!!ハート

It's been the longest time since I went cafe-hopping (unless you count Starbucks because that I go to a lot). Glad to have Rachel to do it with me on this day!

We hopped 3 cafes in one single afternoon btw!

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Cafe Windowsill Pies AEIOU

アップ I have named him Sam |DDD

アップ Thanks Rachel my love for being my photographer BD

Out of the three, I think AEIOU cafe is the cutest! Not just the interior/exterior but they also retail cute items from stationary to wine bottles. The mushroom soup I had was also good with a tinge of spice. Extra bonus points to them also for having plugs so it's great to work at!

I really love cafe-hopping, but especially at the Jalan Besar area because it's never as packed as the Outram / Tanjong Pagar / Chinatown area.

Want to go cafe-hopping again soon! Who wants to join me? BD

ハート ハート


Assessments week this coming week!

(breathes hard .______.;;;)

I really am lacking in a lot of things, from refinements to research to proper responses, so I'm obviously not satisfied with my stuff. But I guess I did as much as I / my wallet would allow to make it for Monday.

Crossing my fingers and hoping I'll do okay!