★ Hatcha Metcha Party ★

★ Hatcha Metcha Party ★



Hello, this is Megumi Xephia and I'm from Indonesia!
This blog posts in English, but sometimes using Japanese too.


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Hello everyone! 爆笑
Again, I'm so sorry for not updating this blog えーん because... uh... yeah, real life stuffs... since I decided to do something that becomes my biggest turning point of my life... *coughs* ゲホゲホ

You may questioning what is it, but yes I will tell you in this post... which was back in early September I was decided to quit college (not a drop out!) and start looking for a job, since I realized I'm not young anymore and I think it would be better to yearn a job experience first prior to the age maximum of most job requirements -- which is 24 years old, and I feel like I'm almost hit the wall! キョロキョロ
Well, if I keep postponing until next year, I doubt there's still a job openings for me えーん

I know looking for a job is not easy as doing daily routines, and this is the 3rd month I'm like a "wandering soul" lolololol ねー but I tried to apply in various media (from newspaper, mails, even walk-in interviews), which is currently no good outcome ぐすん
But my journey is not over yet! I still do hoping for the best in every interviews, hoping everything would be fine and "graduate" soon as "the long lost wandering soul" アップ

Oh, and I have to tell you that my YouTube channel will no longer provide maimai videos anymore after the huge final batch released in around December or January ガーン
Since maimai has just announced new version (titled maimai MiLK), I think I may have to wait until the usual game center receiving the upgrade kits, or sticking with MURASAKi PLUS if it's too long to wait 真顔
After the final update, I would try something new... maybe like vlogs? Who knows that I might decide to reveal my face, lol 笑い泣き just stay tuned what I'll going to do next ウインク

Wow, I'm pretty nervous for interviews and drama rehearsals which turned out unable to sleep... time to force sleep for myself... えー?
Have a good dream and stay healthy -- because nowadays drastic change of weather still occurs, which turns lots of people would easily get sick! 台風
Sorry for keeping you waiting for almost a year! Now I'm ready to hit the blog with latest contents ahead! 爆笑

Guess what? SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN finally make its way to Bandung through 3 branches of Game Master -- Paskal 23 (a new mall inside Paskal Hyper Square), Festival CityLink and Cihampelas Walk! ガーン

(first play since location test, I'm still learning...)

To be honest I would prefer MUSECA 1+1/2, though -- but whatever, having SDVX is a good sign for more KONAMI games to be distributed in Indonesia! ウインク

The last thing I'm playing SDVX was on location test at Amazone Artha Gading, and at that time only able to play once due to long waiting lists (even there's some people have to wait for 2 hours++ for their turn!), plus some people's requests was unable to record ショボーン
If I can still remember all your requests I will try to up them for you through YouTube (and sorry if there's skipped requests because I don't have the notes anymore...it was all written on old phone and forgot to migrate them when switching devices...) ニコニコ

Oh, I forgot to mention this one: the price... SDVX has different starts (LIGHT/STANDARD/BLASTER/GENERATOR START) which costs different credits depending the choice -- basically each credit costs IDR 1600, so if you want to play STANDARD START without printing cards through SDVX GENERATOR -REAL MODEL- it will costs 6 credits (IDR 1600 × 6 = IDR 9600 in total). Kinda expensive, but well I think it's okay and reasonable, though 照れ

Well, my stomach already growls so I have to end my post here... have to lunch ガーン
See you! カレー
Hello everyone! ラブ
So sorry for long hiatus on this blog えーん since mid exam was hectic as always and I'm too busy on real life ガーン ショボーン

Oh, I'm recently sticking in on Korean otome game called Mystic Messenger! 照れ
Don't worry, this game is available in English language (although the voices kept in Korean) ニコニコ

(This is the 1.4.9 version of title screen, and I cannot provide you the latest [1.5.1] title screen pic because it's a spoiler of this game! 口笛 )

The story begins when you (main character) downloading strange app and somebody later hacked your phone, led you to a strange apartment and later connecting your phone to RFA Messenger which it's purpose is only for RFA (Rika's Fundraising Assholes Association) members only. Now that you're already jumped in to the association by accident, you have to do special task -- to make the party success again (beside of making relationship with one of the boys ofc) by reaching potential guests through sending mails and convincing them for coming to RFA's party, and you only have 11 days to arrange and make it happen.

Afraid of losing your progress? Just create an account using your e-mail and password and always save your progress if you think it's necessary ウインク
Also this game follows your date and time that set on your network phone accurately, so there's no way you can change your time (for any purpose -- the simple example is unlocking next chatroom) or your account will instantly banned permanently from the game 笑い泣き

Oh! I forgot to mention that there are two modes offered on this game -- Casual Story and Deep Story. Unfortunately, Deep Story is locked by default and you have to spent 80 hourglasses to start through this route ショック

(I'm already unlocked it though)

The story itself can branched to specific characters depending on how much points (marked by hearts popping while interacting on chatroom or messages) with a single character from first four days. Each hearts has 7 different colours that consists of green (Yoosung), grey (Zen), yellow (Jaehee -- the only girl), red (707/Luciel), violet (Jumin) and white (currently unknown this color belongs to).
Casual Story only have 3 possible characters to be chosen as your route at the fifth day (Yoosung, Zen & Jaehee), while the rest (Jumin and Luciel) are possible characters to obtain while you start through Deep Story.
Note that the game will calculate those things by itself, so all you have to do is interact more with your favorite character on first four days -- or the game ends with bad ending at the start of fifth day! にやり

(the example of Yoosung route at Casual Story mode)

I had finished this game once by clearing Casual Story with Yoosung route, and all I have to say is AWESOME CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and BEST STORY EVER (sorry for caps!) 笑い泣き I just start over with Deep Story mode and currently on the third day (aiming for Luciel's route since he's considered by fans as the "true end" of this game) 口笛
I strongly recommend this game if you're looking for recent otome game or probably new to this genre!! 照れ

Maybe I talk about this game too much *ahem* but yeah I think you should try it ルンルン

Well I will write another blog post about the other things happened soon!
See you and have a great night! スイーツ


(P.S. : Honey Buddha Chips = Calbee's honey butter flavored chips)
Hello everyone! ウインク
Vacation is over -- time to get busy with daily activities, people 笑い泣き
Today is my first day of college's new semester and I got awful schedule for next 6 months... while you have a class on 7 A.M. (until 9.30 A.M) and the next one is on 5 P.M. which is 7.5 HOURS OF DELAY ガーンガーンガーン but I guess it can't be helped so just take this thing as good opportunity to rest and prepare for the next session 笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き

Sooo... lots of things happened and there's no way making this post so long (I bet all of you will get bored if I write it in full story lol), let me talk in short paragraphs but quite well-explained (maybe? 笑い泣き) ニコニコ

Some of you may notice earlier before I'm announce it right here -- maimai PiNK PLUS is now available on some Timezone branches in Indonesia! Still on the same price, but I recommend you to top-up your cards on weekends because Timezone usually held extra bonus up to 100% for every top-ups (minimum amount varies depending on branches, though) 照れ

(sorry I lost the title card picture, so I'm using this recent attempt of Contrapasso -paradiso- on LIFE 50 えーん)

Next thing... because college class schedule is officially running start from now, I might not uploading videos in massive quantities like last month (because semester break for 1.5 month and I didn't take short courses lol) ショック but I'm make sure at least one new video uploaded on YouTube per month to keep the channel regularly updated ニコ

Well I guess that's all I can say for this post -- might posting new one tomorrow or later if not lazy キョロキョロ
See you and have a great day! ラーメン
Hello everyone!! 爆笑
Final exams are so hectic ショボーン yeah but well tomorrow is the last day (and open book, yay) so this is the right time to update this blog 照れ

Speaking of finals... this "crown" never make it to the end 笑い泣き

(second try. the first and third tries was horrible than this 笑い泣き )

Still on 5 lives though, I will take the next attempts while the limit raises to 50 on Thursday ニヤリ
I have to admit this challenge track is really hard for level 10+ (it should be 11!), and took a long time to understand some parts ぐすん

Oh and also today is the first day of Ramadan, so I wish you happy fasting! 照れ

So sleepy... maybe I should sleep now~ zzz
See you soon! カキ氷