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I've been a fan of Justin and his lyrics for almost a decade. In a sense, I've grown up with him. The lyrics have been the most real, the most raw that I've ever known. I'm going to see them in concert tomorrow in Atlanta, GA. Justin has a masterpiece of a life and he has shared his life with us through his lyrics. Thanks Justin..

Justin put 23 years of marriage into the song of my life with a man who took everything from me. Finally learning to find who I really am. When he played this at the Home tour I think I was the only one singing with tears streaming down my face. Justin just is amazing eyond words..

cest beau ...cest du feeling pure ...

💙❤💙❤💙 cant wait to see them in concert :)

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me n my bf met justin in stl and he did a spoken word version for about...150 or less of us and my bf was 16 months clean off heroin and was tearing up and hes not even a blue october fan...justin got pics w us and signed his na book...has helped us thru so much its like these are our theme songs!!.


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I wish I could bleed out! I'm tired of my life and everything in it!!! I'm thinking of committing suicide by police!!.

love always bleeds out

This song got me through the month my husband left me and our 5 month old. He eventually came back and all was well for awhile. We are currently going through a divorce now..

Seeing them in Indy 11.11.2017!

Love He Said

His vocals have a Phil Collins sound to it. Awesome band and great music to drive to on a long trip.

:( <3

loved it from the first time I heard it! like it more the more I listen to it

This song is amazingly powerful!!! It should've been a radio hit!!! I 💙 Blue October!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙
They are so amazing
I can't stop listening to this song


very loyal fan base. Jeremy and Justin, cool as fk, their music is great.

Blue October is a love or hate band. You listen to them and you love them, or you listen to them and you hate them. I don't know how you could hate them though, because I love them! Fantastic song!.
why is this song not as popular as i thought it would be?
Sounds like Peter Gabriel
I'm tearing up ...

everytime I listen to Blue october they make me have all the feels..and it makes me mad because they deserve to be so so much bigger than they are they should have so many more fans and views they are true and tre writers and honest not any of this crap we have today they make you feel what music is supposed to do. I love them so much and they are beyond talented they deserve so much more...

One of the most underrated bands ever..
bleed out damn right.. and u cant stop taken from me damn it...


I Gave it all but u cant stop taken from me.
His voice is just so amazingly unique and I can feel it in my very bones. Old band, still got it! Thanks BO!


Barnes And Noble brought me here.
Am I the only one that pauses this video at random times because Justin is just so beautiful?

Saw them live yesterday (:

Tim theUhthuhScum
Really deeeep ;) lol not putout 4 anyone just brushed across This,, oox :) don't cry now :) lol
Pointfest was insane!
You know a song is good when you get goose bumps. LOVE THIS SONG
Hits so close to the heart....i have those visisble scars....and hidden scars as well....still struggle daily....but hearing this song....knowing i am not alone....helps in a strange dark way of being understood.
He looks like a black man in the thumbnail

this is real music.


who is the woman in this video? she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.....
I love this band, and I live to hear this song i love it sooooo much. my new addiction <3.
this song should be rated higher then it is, I love it.
i saw them live a couple of years ago.I think that by far the best band ive seen live and foiled was the album that they sung on the stage. they clearly have grown a lot since the foiled album. I talk to justin he is very deep person. .

This song is just perfect.

I don't know your name{lead singer of Blue October] but if you really feel these songs, it would be amazing to hang out with you.
I grew up to this band and I say blue October needs more credit/props in general

I cry every time I watch this video. Touches my heart in so many ways!