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John Mayer Performs on "Today Show" Wearing an Oversized Panerai
John Mayer, the American guitar god from Connecticut, loves the good things in life, at a cheaper cost! When performing on the "Today Show", wearing an chic, oversized Panerai watch, his body was deemed truly a wonderland, by the hundreds of screaming fans, he seemed everything a real pop star should be, down to the designer accessories. But, before his 2003 Grammy for best male pop vocalist, his taste for designer watches extended even to replicas. It is rumoured that before he made it big, the pop star was known to sport replica luxury watches, such as Patek Philippe, Breitling and Panerai. Sources say that when he attended the Berkley College of Music for the short time just before relocating to Atlanta in1998, where he wrote his first two albums and built up a fan base, he was known to have expensive tastes, although his budget was limited. Panerai replica watches were among his favourites back then, although now he can afford the real thing! His good taste is due to his interest in product and industrial design, and he has said in interviews that he as considered quitting music to design guitars. He actually made a limited run of 404 of his own acoustic guitar model. He also has designed T-shirts, and sneakers. Fans and business competition have made many replicas of his designs, alike, but the originals still sell for the highest prices. When asked how he feels about his designs having illegal replicas, sources say that the star acknowledged the craftsmanship that goes into the manufacture of replicas, and cited his own past penchant for Patek Philipe, Breitling and Panerai replica watches as a testament to the reliability of a good knock-off!
Seal and Heidi Klum Love Panerai Marina! Enough to Buy Britney a Replica!
The musician, Seal was spotted with his high profile wife, supermodel Heidi Klum, picking up a few things, including matching Panerai Marina watches for themselves, and a replica for their friend and neighbour, the troubled Britney Spears. Always a romantic and sincere couple, they were asked in an interview why they purchased a replica Panerai Marina for Britney instead of the real thing. Klum answered for the both of them, saying that although she has offered out-of-control Spears a place in her home for a few months, and support from her stable family, she can't give real designer gifts like Panerai, or Patek Philippe that represent true luxury until she can learn to act with a bit of class. The Project Runway star, Klum, 34, said that her family unit would take Spears in with love and open arms if she chooses to get her act together. Seal went on to say that they did not want to embarass the 26 year old star in front of the ever present paparazzi, so a clever replica of a Panerai would let her save Panerai Power Reserve whatever pride she has left, but would still send the message that the singer has a long way to go get back to her previous, high profile status.

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