Rarbg Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 [Android]




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wait what, what happened to that dude with the glasses



Dass zum schluss so witzig :D

Peter I am your FATHER!!!!! -from a galaxy closer then you think

1:42 this entire scene sold it for me

I can't wait for VOL 2 soundtrack

drax tried but he didn't give maximum effort

What the title song in the movie

Why is Rocket flying?

When the guardians of the galaxy dish out the asskicking to this song, I was cheering!

omg drax

Imagine baby groot saying first time I am groot (cutest way ever) and the guardians having a proud parent moment


people I recommend the show guardians of the galaxy show on Disney DX.

Baby groot is einfach zu süss 😍 Und der Film is echt witzig.

Caesar dies


Vol 2 sucked so bad
O Bee não morre e rebenta o Optimus
2:23 Drax, you're so damn right!!!
love it!!!
Thats a spice meatball!