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oh yes you are right!! :-D thanks!! i was confused by the title haha :-)
I guess I had no idea who Edgar Wright was before this, Ive seen all of his movies and I didnt know who he was.
croatian.subtitle.the puzzle
the best bloody movie ever.
buuuut ryan gosling isnt in hot fuzz?
Idk, I think I disagree.
And they call the walking dead good
American vs British humour

This is why Hot Fuzz is a movie you can keep re-watching and still have a blast :D

I can't fucking wait until they make some kind of boxed-set of these films, it's gonna be one of my prized possessions.

You fuuuuuck, I thought this was going to be a video narrated by Edgar Wright, not some random not-Edgar Wright. You and your misleading titles, geez.

From watching this, it seems visual comedy is found a lot more in YouTube skits and other internet-related nonsense. It's pretty funny (and a lot of visual comedy has randomness to it, a commonality of the internet). Maybe some people don't mind the lack of visual comedy, though, because often visual comedy can be seen as immature, or something like that (I mean, look at Vine...), whereas dialogue can be seen as more...developed, even if that isn't a necessary comparison. ...I suppose people prefer watching movies than reading books, though..

This would be exactly why 'Paul' bombed so badly after the Cornetto trilogy


this movie is awesome until u didn't realize Chris Martin is one of the zombie

croatian.subtitle.The.fuzzy logic

I can't wait till they release these all together... :-)


6:40 baby Driver intensifies

i got what you mean in comparing but it just happens that i love both styles, but i guess cause i hope that seth rogen paul rudd clan makes those horrible stuffs sound fun because they know it's bad cinema. come on, superbad is amazing, the 40 years old virgin are like great movies, ahm, judd apatow works as well are good. i don't know but it tore me apart seeing this comparing argument but i will survive, i promise. lol.


Apparently Edgar Wright has actually watched this video
I hated the overused tropes in Scott Pilgrim vs The World but the cinematography was very captivating and enjoyable. Which leads me to believe that as long as the cinematography is good, the movie is gonna be ight you know? Idk.
Action Synchronised to music. You've predicted baby driver..
This whole video made me cry with laughter. Edgar Wright is now my favorite director.

Basically watch BBC Sherlock and see how REAL transitions work. Also British movies deliver jokes very well, as well as European old ones.

Dose anyone know the song that starts from 01:10 to 01:31 ?

4:22 -- so good to see the directing in Community getting praise, especially in that episode.

edgar wright is in a different league of his own.. he’s a genius

I can watch all 3 over and over again. Shaun of the dead is my all time top though.
Dear Tony Zhou, When will you direct your own film? You present your criticism like you know it all. Why don't you show us how easy it is to do? Walk the walk. Don't just talk the talk. Truffaut did it. Maybe you can do it too. Or maybe you can't. I'm very curious to see which it is. Let your genius shine beyond these snarky academic videos. Sincerely..
Who came from Lucas of the dead

the background music is very annoying and distracting especially when there's already OST from the movie

Some people in my school are retarded. They'd rather watch scary movie 5 and all those others bad comedys. While if one of my friends saw it, he can't see the ingenius stuff in these films. Their answer: It's alright I guess. Me : Are you f**king kidding me? Edgar Wright is such a f**king badass man along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I f**king hate my school for that..
3:23 I laughed...SO HARD at this scene :'D Thank you so much :')
For The Greater Good 

Movies are becoming more like television.
Where's Paul?
I get what your saying, but not everything has to be cut and edited like hot fuzz for it to be great. For example that scene in Old School with Will Ferrell is very funny as is. If you were to add in some of that Edgar Wright style editing it’s gonna change the feeling of that scene, it’s a different style. I partially agree with what your saying but don’t think just because something is shot statically that it is necessarily lacking..

That's why his films are masterpieces imo
My all time favorite trilogy

Err you have a mustache I know

i love how gag is in the url of this
Edgar Wright is massively underrated. I hope Baby Driver gets him the notoriety he deserves.
SONG 1:10 ?
what was the movie with simon pegg?
Some directors abuse the zoom


combine with funny and horror movie but most is funny
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The OG and the film genius. You seriously know how to make films. 10/10 analysis. Bye, Ms. Laura, is in my top 3 movie jokes btw, thanks for including it in this video. I think it resonates heavily with vine culture (comedic effect from things entering and exiting frame)..

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4:40 YES GIRL RUN!!!!!!!! P.S. Great video but that was in bad taste or maybe purposefully kitsch?.
you have a mustache
Edgar Wright - How to do visual comedy wright