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do speed racer it's an anime series like sailor moon though.

I didnt have any freinds that looked like him and samurai garb is a little hard to come by in texas, so sadly we had to annex him. Someday though we'll do Goemon justice..
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please don't watch this trailer if you don't want to know the plot from a to z
A video on Future Boy Conan would probably be really fun. The series is really dated, but still has that Miyazaki gold that makes all of his stuff so enjoyable to watch..

Why a thursday and a tuesday?

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Lupin, the. Third: - The… Castle, of, Cagliostro, Online. live! online:… Will. Meera, save - HDan. Stark… from, the. swarming & White. Walkers


Dig the review format. I'd go see this (among other Miyazaki things that Fathom was showing this past summer) if I didn't work on any given night they were shown..


fun fact I was abused as a child. Got the scars to prove it, this movie gave me a place to hide from that..


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