Console desk from Gris francais


Hi, I'm Amy from Villaliouse.

I can't wait till spring to come.

We are very busy with kid's furniture at the moment.

Everyone getting prepared for new school year.

Last week I worked in warehouse, helped in packing and finishing.

I had precious experience in different field and got to know more about

this company.

New school year start in September in place where I was brought up.

What was interesting about my school was we had to buy wrapping paper

or fabric to cover our textbook. We borrowed textbook and returned them on July

every year.

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Today, I want to do little introduction of console desk from Gris francais.

UptownStyle villaliouseのブログ

There are two drawers and bottom shelf to store your things.

This would go well in anyplace, like kitchen or diningroom.

A great way to display and store books and ornaments.

UptownStyle villaliouseのブログ

Why not prepare for new start by adding new furniture to your home.

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