17th July TO 24th July, 2013


From 17th to 24th July, 2013 I went down to Adelaide, Australia so that I could get qualified as a certified practitioner of the ‘Move to Learn’ (MTL) prgramme and bring this wonderful programme to Japan. The MTL programme is an Australian developed movement and exercise programme for helping children with learning difficulties which has been researched and developed over the last 35 years.

First, I had to study and pass a written exam, then, had to personally attend a practical training programme in Australia, following which my eligibility to work as an MTL practitioner would be tested in a meeting, discussion and testing with an Occupational therapist Ms. Veronica Steer who is also part of the MTL company team in Australia. So after studying in Japan for a year or so and passing my written exams, I finally made the trip to Australia in July 2013.

For me it was a successful trip because I had the chance to do and learn so much in such a short time.

1. I got the chance to meet and talk to so many wonderful people mainly, special education teachers and professionals.

2. I attended the practical training programme which was run by another MTL designated special education professional and practitioner from Adelaide.

3. I was assessed and tested as to my knowledge and experience in learning difficulties in children and the MTL programme, both verbally and physically and successful passed all examinations..

4. I got a chance to volunteer at a special education needs kindergarten/school where I could work together with other professional teachers, teaching children with various learning difficulties and development disorders

All in all, it was an excellent trip for me and I am glad that I was able to do this programme because what I have learnt there will certainly enable me to help me in my work at the Center and help and support more children and parents here in Japan. .

I am also now a licensed and sole representative of the MTL programme in Japan and am available to conduct MTL training workshops in how to help children with learning difficulties overcome their problems. I could organize 2 day training workshops, anywhere in Japan, for any group of teachers or parents or for any school or organization who want to learn more about how to deal with these problems with their children at home or school. Please contact me for more details on this.