It's mysterious!グラサン It's delicious!! ラブラブラブ It's fun!爆  笑  


It's Chinese cooking class at House of Hope!ナイフとフォーク


Last week we made Braised Pork Rice. (Lu Rou Fan)

This is not intended to show the complete process, but I hope you can get the general idea and see that we had a lot of fun!! 


台湾の定番!! ルーローハンを作りました。sei


This first ingredient for the soup is a bit of a mystery. 照れ はてな。はてな。


この材料は。。。!? ミステリーですね。。。。目ビックリマーク スープに入れるんですが。。。キョロキョロ


My neighbors are professional choppers and dicers. グッド!グッド!




All that chopped up, fried up stuff goes in a big pot with seasonings.


Add some water...


...and simmer for about 30 minutes until all the flavors are nicely blended together.  ラブラブ  There are boiled eggs in the soup too. 卵子卵子 While waiting, we'll start on something else.



Next we made Egg Pancake Rolls called Dan Bing. They remind me a little bit of Japanese Okonomiyaki, and are eaten for breakfast in Taiwan. ほっとけーき食事coffee





Fry the dough in a frying pan...



Then fry up an egg - beaten with onion, pepper, etc mixed in. 



When the egg is cooked, put the fried dough on top of it and fry it on both sides a little more. 





This is the finished product. グッド!They look REALLLLLY good!! ラブ

出来上がり!! 美味しそうですね〜ビックリマーク♥ 大成功!!


Oh, oh!!! I think I know him!! He looks REALLLLY interested in the foodビックリマーク



It is finally time to eat!!!!  オカメインコ

いただきま〜す!! ごちそうさま


After lunch we listened to one volunteer tell her life story. She worked very hard to prepare her talk in Japanese. グッド!グッド!


食べ終わったら、キミ子さんは「マイ・ストーリー」を日本語でシェアしてくださいました。どうもありがとうございました。♥ とても楽しい一時でした。食事ごちそうさま照れ


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