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Let me show you my idea on the relationship between "Her Majesty" and "Free As a Bird".

Her Majesty ends at A note without cadence.
It seems to me as if it expresses McCartney's lingering affection for the Beatles.

26 years later from then,"Free As a Bird" relased.
Amazingly, It bigins at A chord and ends at D chord.

I mean, the last A note of "Her Majesty" carries on into the first A chord of "Free As a Bird" and the last D chord which never exists on "Her Majesty" sounds at the end of "Free As a Bird".

Perhaps, rhythmic banjo on "Free As a Bird" is a echo of rhythmic guitar on "Her Majesty", i.e. paraphrase.

"Her Majesty" didn't close The Beatles, but "Free as a Bird" did.