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I gotta see both now action film and manga...damn.
anime/manga hair and clothes just look wrong in live action
Pls remake the movie 'Lone wolf and cub'
That shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 💯💯💯💯💯
Blade of - the... Immortal. download, in. hindi
Over kill who win life for freedom
holy shit im gonna watch this shit
Have you seen the [Rurouni kenshin?
Gand faadu trailer hai bhaaaai 1 no

Hope this makes justice for the anime
Looks pretty cool
Download, Blade, of, the & Immortal, 4Shared
Unneeded edgy rap song NONI!?
Is the ITTO-RYU, a mythical creature from Japan?
I don't know this movie I don't watch it
That's some dope shit!!
Who else clicked cause they saw the title and thought this was a Highlander reboot?
Looks great..
素晴らしい‼︎ 楽しみにしてる
I cannot believe they actually made a movie out of this manga. Is violent and twisted as hell.

This is one of the most amazing manga graphic novels, adapted by one of the most amazing Japanese directors. I. AM. PSYCHED.
I see they did away with the sauvastika on Manji's back...

Great movie!!


Say God chemical briefly bird indigenous else.
It looks half realistic, half cartoonish, like they can't decide whether they want it to be shounen manga style or Seven Samurai style. It's jarring..
Yes babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I am hyped. These are the anime films that can be brought to life. Rurouni Kenshin was awesome. I'm looking forward to this.

Dam son this looks violent AF
Melhor mangá já escrito, uma das melhores histórias que já li.


Title of the song?
The song is called Action by Gio Nailati ft. Rebecca Rocklynn...but I have a feeling you guys won't like's the original mix I guess, but I cannot seem to find the mix that's in this trailer...
Love the beat!
I love masters of horror I wish they would come out with new ones!!
これをみてる外国人のみなさん。 この映画の日本語表記は「無限の住人」です。どうだ、かっこいいだろ
the name of the song please
Blade. of & the, Immortal, OnLinE, 123movies

say what you want, but I like this mthfkn kickass trap music + samurai combination with styles like 1:30.
Holy shit this looks awesome
Blade, of, the, Immortal & dailymotion
Blade... of the... Immortal… amazon
من اجمل الافلام الساهدتها بحياتي قصه روعه
Blade - of, the! Immortal & hindi, dubbed
Dope asf
isnt this based on a manga or an anime?
Blade - of. the… Immortal & arabic
I was thinking it is annoying that they write each dialog on the screen...then i realized the trailer is in Japanese and those are subtitles and I'm reading them as i don't know Japanese. Result of watching too many anime probably. Lol.