American jokes #2 | SUPとヨガと宮古島


~on the sup?~ 大自然と身体で遊ぼう! in 宮古島

In Miyako Island,Okinawa,

The most beautiful sea in the world.


The fun of


『on the sup ?』



『The Great Nature Yoga』


to the world !!!


We are active in that theme.


I am




Small business owner


on the sup trainer


Kohei Tanaka.



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A young businessman had just started his own firm.


He'd rented a beautiful office and had it furnished with antiques.


Sitting there,he saw a man come into the outer office.


Wishing to appear the hot shot,


the businessman picked up the phone 


and started to pretend he had a big deal working.


He threw huge figures around and made giant commitments.





Finally he hung up and asked the visitor,


"Can I help you ?″



The man said,


"Year,I've come to connect your phone line.″








To increase the motivation to play with the body アップ




00:00 Miyako's blue ~ Home training

02:00 SUP(RIVIERA RP12’6×24)

02:28 Backfrip in the sea

03:13 Animal move

03:49 Butterfly

04:13 Martial arts

04:24 SUPYOGA(Standing~Kneeling) 

05:57 Bar Jump

06:18 Bubble ring through

07:10 Cave skindiving

08:16 Balance ball move

09:21 SUP(STARBOARD ACE12'6×25) 

09:55 Lifting walk

10:45 SUPYOGA(Sirsasana~Pincha Mayurasana) 

11:47 With sea turtle 

12:01 Backbridge 

12:13 Skindiving

13:32 SUPtrain 

14:01 Basketball Long shot

14:12 From Kohei & Yasuko





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波Today's sea conditions波


Weather : storm

Temperature : Highest30℃/Lowest25℃

Sea surface temperature : 28℃

Wind :  strong southeast wind after very strong south wind 

Wave height : 5-7m(south-southwest swell)

Tide : middle tide  

High tide 11:02+160 22:42+177

Low tide 4:35+40 16:39+81


Comment : NO DATA