Great teacher | SUPとヨガと宮古島


~on the sup?~ 大自然と身体で遊ぼう! in 宮古島

In Miyako Island,Okinawa,

The most beautiful sea in the world.


The fun of


『on the sup ?』



『The Great Nature Yoga』


to the world !!!


We are active in that theme.


I am




Small business owner


on the sup trainer


Kohei Tanaka.



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【 Photo by Kenji Mineoka 】
Marine shop Irafu



It's calm under the waves.

The great nature teaches us how to walk comfortably in life.





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波Today's sea conditions波


Weather : cloudy with occasional sun

Temperature : Highest26℃/Lowest20℃

Sea surface temperature : 24℃

Wind : south wind

Wave height : 1.5m(East swell)

Tide : spring tide  

High tide 7:43+181 20:47+168

Low tide 1:47+32 14:16-18


Comment : PG was calm