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If you still have no idea regarding the kind of ring you want to give your sweetheart on one of the most auspicious occasions of your life, following are some cant-fail tips that will help you choose the right ring for your soul mate.

1.Do Some Homework before You Make Purchase
Shop around in the market, be it online or in the brick mortar world, for an engagement ring and gather as much information as possible before you seal the deal and make the payment. There are plenty of factors you need to consider well before you start your hunt such as the style she likes the most, her favorite metal and of course the size of her finger. Mostly, diamond engagement rings are more proffered by all brides-to-be. Moreover, online stores are the best places to make your search faster and easier. In addition, while browsing the web stores, you will get spoiled by choices!

2.Define your budget
Before you start browsing the internet for a ring, it is vital to define the investment amount youre ready to make for the engagement ring of your sweetheart. Even if you are thinking of visiting the shops of local jewelers, pre-deciding the budget will save you going overboard.

3.Know her Ring Size
It may possible that you dont know the size of her ring and as you want to gift the ring as a surprise, you are not even able to ask her. Well, in such case, leave all your worries behind. As there are still several ways to learn her ring size without letting her know about the surprise.

For example, you can any way manage to get any other ring of her and make its replica in between two bars of soap, and measure the inner circumference of a ring on a piece of paper; or you can also reach to one of her close friends to know about her ring size.

4.Study the Four C of Diamond Engagement Rings
If you are thinking of gifting a diamond ring to your honey, make sure you at least know the basics of those four C

Carat it is defined as the unit that refers to the weight of diamonds. For example, if you buy a diamond of 1.9 carat, its cost would be lesser than a diamond ring of 2 carat.

Color all diamond rings falls to a specific scale of color and a selection of color will also make a considerable difference in the cost of the diamond ring you purchase. The color grading scale of the diamonds ranges from colorless to yellow. The nearer it is to the colorless, the costlier it is.

Clarity pure diamonds are gauged on a scale of flawless to I3, where clarity refers to the internal inclusions or outer blemishes a stone may have. The lesser the inclusions, the higher is the value of the stone.

Cut it refers to the symmetry, polishing and proportioning of a diamond, which has much to do with the beauty and brightness of the stone.

5.Select the Right Setting

Youll be surprised to know that there as many settings as there are cuts of the diamond engagement rings available out there. Pick a diamond that allows the highest amount of light to pass through it. The prong, channel, bar and bezel are some of the most popular setting options.

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