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Before watches were classified as either sporty, luxury, or anything for that matter, all portable timepieces made during the early times were tagged under the category of being luxury watches - as only the rich men and women could afford them. The first designer watches were crafted and created in Geneva, Switzerland (hence, the term Swiss watches).
During the early years of portable watches, watches were designed to be worn over the neck, or as pocket watches. The first wristwatch offered to the market in 1868 was a "bracelet - watch" which gave the initial notion that wristwatches were for a female market only. However, with the increasing popularity of more masculine pursuits requiring the use and observance of time such as flying airplanes, driving cars, deep-sea diving and eventually, warfare, designers have been compelled to develop wrist watches for men as well. And from then on, the imminent popularity of wristwatches came about.

When we hear or talk about luxury watches, we just could not link this with the words "cheap" or "low cost". More often than not, we associate luxury watches with the words "expensive", "high priced" and "costly". Whether worn as a wristwatch or as a pocket watch, luxury watches demand elegance, and with it, demands a certain price.

It is a given fact that luxury watches are quite the investment - and that acquiring one will involve not just taste, but a thick wallet as well. However, with the modern manufacturing techniques, and the decline of the economy, pricey luxury watches are slowly, but surely, becoming just another part of the timepiece history.

Take a walk inside some specialty watch boutiques and you will find the best and the most beautiful luxury watches on sale. Obtaining one requires a lot of money. It may be a breeze for some, but because of the trying times in the economy, some may find it a real pain to invest on such watches. However, because of luxury watch replicas, you can have the feel of a luxury watch fitting your wrist or your pocket perfectly without much of the financial burden.

Many stores, online or not, have been offering replica watches at a relatively lower price than their authentic counterparts for quite some time already. Many people find this convenient, but some still are very skeptic about this idea - as they may feel they are not getting their money's worth.

Mind you, though, replica watches are different from fake watches. Fake watches are usually copycat watches, which are smuggled and illegal in most parts. They copy even the brand names of the luxury watches. Fake watches are mostly sold in flea markets and are given at a very cheap price.

Actual manufacturing companies, on the other hand, have prepared replica watches, and what they copy are the designs and styles of actual luxury watches, rather than their brand names. Some replica watches may be sold also at flea markets, but most of them are sold at watch boutiques, and even online. Some brands of these replica watches even have money back guarantees, or service warranties for their products.

If you are on a tight budget, wanting a luxury watch and would be able to settle for the second best, then replica watches are worth trying. Always be sure, however, of the person, the store, or the website you will be purchasing the product from, to protect both you and your money from advantageous people.