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The company Casio was founded in the 1940s by Tadao Kashio. In the 1950s Casio set in motion their first calculator. In the early 1980s Casio moved into producing wrist womens watches. Casio were an early adopter of quartz movement womens watches, and produced a range of classy yet low-cost digital womens watches which took the watch market by storm in the 1980s. The best known womens watches produced in the 1980s by Casio were their calculator womens watches.
Now Casio are well known for their quality range of affordable womens watches with a wide range of gadgets! Watch features include temperature, pressure, altitude, time zones and GPS functionality. Their most technologically advanced range of womens watches is probably their G shock range.

G shock womens watches were first produced in the 1980s. They decided to make a stylish every day watch capable of surviving hostile environments if the need arises. They designed it to be capable of withstanding 10 bar of water pressure, a fall of 10 metres and the battery had to last 10 years to boot! The inside of the Baby G watch drifts, meaning it doesn't get jarred like regular womens watches. Baby G womens watches now have their time set by radio wave, meaning they stay very accurate. The womens watches are also designed to keep working using the power of the sun to further prolong the battery life. As expected, the Baby G womens watches are available in a range of funky colours to suit every taste.

Casio also make a range of advanced analogue and digital womens watches for those who know they don't need a rugged watch in their day to day life!

Casios watch making philosophy is to make innovative womens watches to help make a difference in womens lives. Casio aim to constantly improve their designs in order for them to make world beating womens watches for every part of society, whether you are a marathon runner, a bit of a tech lover, or an extreme sports fan.