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timmy probably feels so disconnected from movies of this par after working on cmbyn haha

I'm so sad :( Excited to see this though! RIP Christina

Timmy is so good in this movie.

Walter Jr.?

Timmy' face at 1:00 😍😍😍


OF COURSE i'll watch this.


Only here for lohanthony ❣️
Miss... Stevens… Online, 2018... Watch, Online
I'm just living for lili reinhart and lily rabe being in a movie together tbh I wanna cry I'm so happy


Timmy is the proverbial peach in a basket of apples here.
is there any way to find out what song is playing at the end?
loving the cinematography of these shots already
Wonderful Timmy and Miss Stevens! TOP!!
oh my god. I don't know what this film is but now I'm going to go watch it IMMEDIATELY. This is beautiful.
Why is there so many RIP Christina Grimmie comments?


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! can you upload the last scene? the ending part where Billy said you should take care of yourself too ?
Miss? Stevens, no registration
So miss teacher bangs her student?... nope I'm good
That girl on the right looks like Kendall Jenner
i would be in tears watching this now she had her whole life ahead of her

What the heck why does this look so good
Miss - Stevens putlockers
Timmy T reminds me a lot of Mark Ruffalo.. he seems to have a peaceful, humble demeanor.

Why does this remind me of Selena Quintanilla?