f(X) Nu Abo

I AM HERE TO SPAM the newest video of f(X) Nu Abo!! Its pronounced as *New A B O* xDDD

A little rundown on the band! 5 members, Victoria, Krystal, Luna, Suli and Amber.

Victoria is the leader of the band, Krystal is probably the most popular or 2nd most popular girl of the band and also the sister of Jessica fof SNSD, Luna, who is always been dressed up in the weirdest style in f(X), Suli, the cute one in the band and Amber, the andro one in the band and probably the most popular member of the band.

My favourites are Luna and Amber because they can sing and dance super well! xD Their new hairstyles are so much love as well~ Suli's hair remind me of Taemin's hair from their Ring Ding Dong Album and Amber's hair reminds me of Key's. OAo

LUNA!!! <3333333


Amber!!! <33333333


In order ( from left to right of the picture)

Amber, Victoria, Krystal, Luna and Suli