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Gave me chills, kinda like what cerns after

Another Xbox killer. Have mercy Sony.

He has been a great person, a great thinker, a wonderful poet and a great musician!

amazing...still having an effect on me......saw the movie when it was made.......


transformhalo XD


Reminds me of the creepypasta No End House so im kinda excited for this. Honestly I hop the game doesn't tell or explained to me all of the 'truths' as to what's going on in this building. The unknown keeps the horror/ mystery alive and strong. >:3.

Remedy game is about awesomeness, but the gameplay duration is always short.

0:20 Medallion's humming...a place of power, gotta be.

A good turn your brain off and watch things go boom sort of movie.
Identify Identify EXTERMINATE, oh wait I mean . . Identify
God Save you Henry!
I have an incredible amount of respect for not only this brigade, but all “citizen soldiers” who serve in the National Guard. Going from working ordinary jobs while home, to being deployed to one of the most volatile areas in the world is no joke. This film isn’t a story about war, it’s a story about the people who are willing to sacrifice their lives in the midst of war to ensure that their brothers return home too. I think it’s a film that everyone needs to see because it’s much more than just your average military documentary..

I'd never heard about Joy Division before I went to the movie. I had not idea what I was watching, only at the end do you realize what a fantastic movie you've just seen..

Chappie, tranformers, kill command:v

this looks like interesting as hell for me as sci-fi lover. totally hyped.. << IDENTIFY >>.

The fact this movie was made for a million bucks (or Euros?) was super impressive to me. All of the designs sold this military future. It was small in scope. Had pretty good character interaction, and a ton of world building. I hope other grounded sci fi movies like this get made..


Interesting premise at least.
Will the goddamn dubstep in trailers ever stop? haha.
it's here!
Is the narrator the same guy who voiced the original max payne ????.
0:42 - 0:45 Seems like creature on the right connects one of the rooms to the Upside Down?.

Absolutely great sci-fi film. Definitely a must watch for those of you who are fans of the genre.
Maybe i look at tom and jerry. 👍


haahahahh 0:28 ! haha
Ooh im definetly intrigued.
What the HELL is this ???
Ooh max payne voice actor
Now if only my car alarm can say identify every time it goes off🚨
Excellent and it's tipped as to win UK film of the year.
boston dynamics: the movie