No.502 芦原カラテ Ashihara Karate


Ashihara Karate was created by Hideyuki Ashihara.

This book is the most detailde book in the world about Hideyuki Ashihara.


The WAY OF SABAKI:The Secret of Teachings of Hideyuki Ashihara


This newest book on Hideyuki Ashihara makes me fully aware that

he was an incredible and attractive man even apart from being

 a renowned karate master and that there are a lot of things to

 learn from his way of living a life as a man.


So that makes me rerealize it is a great regret to have lost such

an amazing man too soon.

As this is a thick book with over 500 pages as the author Kousei

Matsumiya says it took him 10 years to publish it, I really appreciate

his efforts to shed another light on this legendary karateka in his book.


With the aging of those who actually spent time with Hideyuki Ashihara,

many readers seem to expect no more books dealing with the great

 karateka so systematically as this book to come.


The author says he started writing this book at the suggestion of Jouya

 Kagemaru, one of the manga artists who drew the manga Karate Baka

Ichidai, to make the book a tribute to the late Kancho while Kagemaru

 had been friendly with the late Kancho until he died

 (Kagemaru passed away in 2012).

Kagemaru was the mangaka who drew the part of Karate Baka Ichidai

 in which the character named Hideyuki Ashiwara was emphatically and

energetically depicted to become successful in Shikoku as a young great

 karate master by Kagemaru with his impressive pen strokes.

While this book has a postcard with Mas Oyama and Hideyuki Ashihara

 illustrated by Kagemaru available with it on a first-come-and-first-served

 basis due to the limited number of the postcards and I got one, I am so much pleased!

As the author Matsumiya seems to be fluent in English and the publishing

 company is Nichibou Shuppan that published Mas Oyama’s books written in

 English such as “What Is Karate?,” I definitely hope this book to be translated

 into English to make it available for people outside of Japan too.


Lastly, I would like to let you know what the wraparound band on the book says:

“The moment a man has stopped challenging himself, his soul would be dying.

 Having died at 50, the man who kept challenging himself until the very end of

 too short a life: Hedeyuki Ashihara. Watch this unusual genius’s way of life closely!”


(quoted from Karate arcadia)