A Long time ago, Kochi Prefecture in

Japan was called "Country of Tosa".

"Kenzan Nonaka"(野中兼山1615-1664)

was a politician of the "Country of


He had hope that he wanted to make the "Country of Tosa" his dreamland.

But He was strict with the local


The local people had a grudge against him.

Other politicians also disliked him.

The lord of the "Country of Tosa"

dismissed him finally.

"Kenzan Nonaka" was Lonely in his

later years.

He died in despair.

However, politicians hated him even

though he died.

After "Kenzan Nonaka" died, his family

was caught.

They were confined in one residence.

A hedge was put up outside the


And, a guard was POSTED.

They were placed under house arrest


40 years.

This is a true story.

They were not able to go out for 40


I was reading "The Woman is Enne"

(Original title “婉という女” 1960)

written by the writer "Tomie Ohara"

(大原富枝 1912-2000).

It was a novel that was based on the

true story of the family of "Kenzan


I was very shocked.

There were several children in the

Kenzan story.

"Enne"(野中婉)was one person in that


"Enne" was placed under house arrest

at the age of 4.

When liberated from the house arrest,

Enne was 43 years old.

I think that she was very very


I think that Enne loved her family

very much.

But, Enne was not permitted to fall in


She was not permitted to marry either.

She was not permitted to give birth to a

child either.

Because there were only her brothers

by her side.

They were the people who had had the

same parents as she did.

In "I do not do" and "I cannot do",

there is a big distance.

They lived without newspapers, radio,

television, and the Internet.

I think.

Had Enne any Special support of the


40 years are very long.

If it is me, I can't live.

The reason why Enne was liberated was

because the sons of Kenzan had all


There was no right that a daughter

succeeds her father in Japan at

that time.

Enne might have been placed under

house arrest through life if the

"Brother" of Enne kept living.

I thought that a person was able to

accomplish a frightening thing when

"Hatred" joined "Politics".

Many people had had a grudge against

the father.

But is his 4 year-old child guilty?

One day, I went shopping using an


The outside was raining.

Enne was not able to go out even on

the clear day.

I can go out on a raining day if I use an


I think it is happiness.

And, I wish go to the grave of Kenzan and Enne in Kochi Prefecture some


One sentence was carved on the grave.

It was carved for the grave of mother of


And it was a grave of the wife of Kenzan


"Lonely Enne was crying and built


(original Sentence



This photo is the grave of Kenzan Nonaka,Kochi prefecture.