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This is translation of the Nikkan Sports article on February 18, 2016. 

As far as I know, Nikkan has three articles on the subject, and this is the third one. I might add other two translations later here.

Nikkan 3


Leading American Dancer Speaks on Casting of Takahashi: He's very passionate

2010 Olympic bronze medalist and professional figure skater Daisuke Takahashi will debut on the theater stage, as announced on February 17. He will be the guest dancer at the dance show "LOVE ON THE FLOOR", which will premiere on June 30 at Theatre Orb in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Stage director and leading performer Cheryl Burke, an American professional female dancer, spoke on casting Takahashi for the show. "He is well known in Japan. He is a star. He is a very passionate skater on the ice, so he is just perfect for this kind of show in which you need to express your feelings to the music through dance and movement". She also says Takahashi will appear in majority of the show. "He  will be featured throughout the show. I would say he will be in 5 out of 6 acts".


Burke is confident about Takahashi's potential as a dancer. "He is a kind of performer who can pour out emotions", she said. "I'm sure he will be successful as a dancer as well".


The cast includes other professional skaters from abroad such as Kristi Yamaguchi. 

(translation by noroton)