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5 mins of 18 is him nagging about having to clean up after his dead mom?


Sugar? you believe that's the one? i am a food scientist i am sorry but sugar its a problem but not the bigest one..... i am sorry most of the sugar is being replaced by artificial sweeteners thats what they are trying to do and this artificial sweeteners are not the most healthy of all in big concentrations in the daily diet that an average person should follow, there are many other parameters i can go on and on.....(sorry for bad english) sugar is the best out of the things that are out there xDDD.

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I tripped over the dog, and just as the wife checks on the dog i fell into the table. As she got up to see if i was okay she stepped on the other dog. I rubbed my head and said i'm okay as i got up to check on the 2nd dog i tripped over my wife. I was holding my head, she was holding her foot and the dogs were yipping in pain..

Looks like a regular house to me, albeit quite clean...Just another upper middle class woman making a voluntary decision that she doesn't need heaps of useless clutter (she still has a lot of nice things) and saying she went through some spiritual-like transition to live like any student/lower income earner.. .
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I got quite angry over the part where they talk abou school lunches. What I don't udnerstand. How can any parent let his/her children eat fries/burgers and pizza daily for lunch. Even those who wanted to lose weight in the movie did it. For ****sakes. Is it so hard to get some tupperware, get up 40 minutes earlier and prepare wholesome, nutritious and tasty meal for your kids if school failed to offer that?  I got fed up with food  in my college (granted mostly becouse of culinary reasons) and started doing exactly that. Seems to me that many people don't care about their kids all that much....

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Getting external things can be truly meaningful and life-changing, but it obviously requires finding out what exactly it is you want, as against going with some generic idea of what you should want. Being a successful rich doctor is obviously worthless if you actually desire something completely different. And that can't be determined from the outside. In my case, having a great home is wildly important to my happiness in a lasting and deep way. But what is a great home? I don't care about space, for one thing. A mansion would mean nothing to me, but a small apartment with a great view (etc) could be great..


i thought this was a Frozen art video

Energy is conserved it's an immutable law of the universe. Input - output = accumulation You choose what you put in your body. Trying to claim sugar is as addictive as cocaine is dishonest.  It's too easy to blame the companies. Just stop buying unhealthy foods and they will stop selling it.  These business sell what you buy, if you don't buy it they stop selling it.  Blaming them for providing what you want is just silly.  Oh, and you can eat their food and be plenty health, you just have to make sure you burn off all the calories daily.  So don't be surprised you're fat if you eat McDonalds 3 times a day..

I envy this lifestyle . City life sucks in so many ways . Take bad neighbors for instance . A lot of people today are just out & out bad . They don't sleep at night and they make a lot of noise and become offended and combative when asked to keep the noise down & allow other people to sleep . Neighbors often play loud music that you don't like . Compare that with the milieu of the nature sounds of Chickens & crickets & birdsongs along with the smell of soil and compost creates a healing , tranquilizing salve that the city sadly lacks ..


cool but i think minimalism is overestimated. and their presentation in trying to be funny sound like a pretentious schollar talking about nihilism on starving people. By the way, marie kondo has a much better aproach and she don`t seem to be pretentious. add value to your life, really? overestimated just it.

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OK to have stuff. Just don't become attached.
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