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my bestfriend's brother song lol
Reminds me of the no kiss list with Victoria justice
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So a little kid is going out with like a senior? Rape much?
She was Sasha one of the student from the movie The Bad Teacher

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Imma just be honest this chick is pretty beat
she still has a baby face
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Gonna watch this one too lol
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I was waiting for Death of girlfriends older brother
They were both in last man standing!!!😍😍😍💖💖
I loved this movie.... Yaaay
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Can u name the song pls
are you ready player one? hahahahahahahahaha
Great movie
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How can I watch ths movie? Someone pls help me
For all of you saying that this movie is not good do me a favor and go watch it cause it's awesome I already watched ot and I'm in love with it!! Plus she and the guy are dating in real life so go watch the movie people!!!.

I thought this movie was fun, romcom, coming of age movie. It isn’t. It was deep. Proof that not all trailers gave the movie all the way. 😊.

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Song name?

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thanks gosh i born in 1989 and get to experience some of these things...nowadays i would experience Instagram instead...I had summers, friends, first loves, first heartbreaks , first moons, first balls, first discos, first times. when i was this age we would ring once( with our nokia 3310) back and forward cos no one had money to charge the phone. First time i had social media i was 15 and was called Hi5 and i really didn't used it. 3 years forward everyone was one facebook, everyone had smart phones and the old were are death and buried. So nostalgic....

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How did they even know about relationships and stuff when they were 6??
This trailer got me so pressed bc i realized that, im toooooo ugly to have a relationship like theirs.
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Oh I remember this pretty well!!!! It was the first book I read on Wattpad😊
I love this movie ❤️

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When is this coming out?
The only good thing about this movie is probably Molly Ringwald
A movie about a bad friend...
Why cant the girl be hot
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Ok this looks super cute and all but is nobody acknowledging the fact that there is an actress in this named Annabeth! (Where are all my pjo fans at)

Based on what book?
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Over privileged white girl misconstrues her dying grandma's wish and goes around making a feel out of herself. ughhh
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can they Make a 2 comment if yes best movie ever
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The description makes a better case for the movie than this trailer does.
That guy... H O T N E S S OVERLOAD!

Oh damn he is so hot,, I had to pause to just stare at his body,, that's so normal. Lol 😂😂😂

Cape St. Francis isn't the same anymore


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just watched this, now its 4am and all i have to say is that i love this movie and now im crying in my bed in the middle of the night
Ohh, is the hot guy's mom, Molly Ringwald???????
Really good it's very funny
i hated the ending for this movie........but it was good