Hi everyone!

Last week, we had several good news! First, Samurai Blue won the quarter final against Vietnam on 24th! And Naomi Osaka won Australian Open and moved to the top of the world rankings! What great news!!!

Recently I'm interested in Vietnam war, and for the first time in my life, I did a little research on Vietnam history. Until quite recently, my impression of Vietnam was just spring roll and pho, but now I'vve learnt how a boy from a rich family in Vietnam later became Ho Chi Minh, a founder of the communist nation.

Naomi Osaka is a very interesting person, I think. Her facial expressions and the way of speech make me believe that she's Japanese, but her physique makes me strongly believe that she's American. (Actually, both of her parents were not Americans though) So my take is that she's her Japanese soul installed in her American body.

As opposed to good news, we had a bad news as well. Arashi will suspend their group activities at the end of 2020. This should be a sad news for fans, because I know many people who love them among SoC...

By the way, I saw a dream this morning while I was in REM sleep, and it was so weird...

A huge gorilla jumped into the air from a very high jumping board. It's as high as 200 meters, and there is the ocean below. While I saw him flying down, his bottom got fired, and it bombed as he descends. So four squirrel-like animals flew around him to rescue him, but when he just landed, he hit his bottom with rocks in the ocean, and he said "ouch!" He bounced a little, and then safely dived into the depth of water and the fire was put out. He swam led by four squirrels to the land, and all of a sudden, I was him. I went into a building and there I saw SoC members having SS. Somehow I was scheduled to climb up a mountain, so I was headed to the mountain rope way. I and my partner were having lunch at a diner, and then one guy in his 50's suddenly tried to pick fight on me, so I caught his punches with my hand palms, and my partner said "Nihon is scary", so I said "No, this is Nikko, Nikko is scary", and while we're chatting, I woke up.

Last year, I saw several weird dreams as well. When I was taking a shower, someone came in to the shower room and said, "Hey, your sister came here and she left a dead baby. You've gotta come out and see it", so I said "No, I don't wanna see a dead baby! Why did she leave such a thing?" However, I had no choice but to go check the face of the baby. When I grabbed its cold body and saw its face, it opened one eye, and I shouted, "Hey! It's alive!" I was a little excited, and told the person to call my sister. And then looked back at his face, its face turned Baum kuchen, and its eyes were so tiny and black like raisins.

Hmm, dreams are weird!

Oh, another topic. I had three drinkings yesterday, all with SoC members! First one was in Omiya. Sat afternoon regular SS members told me that the scheduled starting time of Urawa drinking party was a little too late for their families, so they wanted to have a short drink after afternoon SS. We went to Ginza Lion and the beer was soooo good! Also the topic was very interesting. 



They said they wonder why Americans like to be a hero. I thought Japanese people also like to be a hero, so I pointed some heroes such as "Son-Gokuuh" or "Tetsuwan Atom". However, they said Gokuuh is from another planet, and Tetsuwan Atom is a robot, not Japanese. So we tried to find an anime hero who's characterized as Japanese, but we couldn't come up except for kids shows such as Goranger or Ultraman.


I asked them if they want to be heroes, and then they said, "no, ordinary life is good". So I said, "I'm Japanese, but I want to be a hero!" And then, they said, "yeah, we knew that", and I was a little embarrassed. So I insistently said, "You all want to be a hero! Hero is cool!" So we founded a new club called "Hero's Association", and after all, everyone started to excitingly say, "We're heroes!"

Second drinking party was at Urawa, and this was planned by Mao! I mistakenly took a rapid train and went to Akabane, so I was really late, but everyone seemed to be having so much fun, and we had a blast! 



fter this place, some of us moved to the third party, and we drunk at some bar. 




However, the place was so crowded and only a table for 6 was available. So four including myself decided to drink at the terrace.




It was a little breezy night, and we thought we might even die...but we survived!!! Shop staff brought us 4 stoves, but yet it was totally a mid-winter camping! 


There were some hot drink menus, but all of us ordered cold drinks as if it was a rule. I ordered a huge mojito, because it is said to be a famous menu there. When the staff brought our drinks, I found they were nicely iced with a lot of ice cubes. Why does it have to be kindly iced when we are already almost frozen to death? 


Sometimes life doesn't make sense.




It was a happy drinking after all!!!


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