my picky girl..


'the most fussy girl' award goes to her~~
when she refused to eat, she'll not even touch the foodプンプン

been trying all kinds of food over the years, she'll feel 'fresh' over new food(except kibbles) but after some time she'll start to pick again 😩

many advised 'just give her what she is willing to eat..'
yes I understand that point but I still believe that dogs still need nutrients from dog food~

still hoping theres one day she'll eat by her own, finish her food CLEAN~ 😅

off day~ ^^


off day together is always great!
because we don't really have time together..(due to work & where we stay.)
finally settled our taiwan trip!
got a rough plan for it & I guess details will be done soon?😅

finally get to eat at しゃぶ菜! 😋
The food is not bad just quite limited.
(or we're too used to Chinese steamboat😝)

my fatty omnivore trying hard to eat more meat~ hahaha

bee, thanks for everything ドキドキ


just random updates.


been quite some time since I've updated.

still working in the same company,
still facing the same old people,
but I'm really glad that there are still people that I can get along~

in some ways I've learned alot..
my tolerance level getting better & better (something I'm kinda proud of)😏

then again,
sometimes I feel that you don't really need something to happen to make you upset.
sometimes it might be your own expectations.

just random thoughts.