Research Program, Day 1 | 続々・松岡奮戦記(カンボジア・ミャンマー教材開発編)



Even though we had faced serious problems before and during our research, we have solved them and completed our schedule of research program on day 1.

Although it was first time for some volunteer students to join this research program, the students who join the first research program accepted and lead them. 

Moreover the new volunteer students also tried to adapt!! 

So they showed me good relationships and built strong teamwork during the research.

After completed the schedule of research program on first day, we went to hospital to meet my colleague of PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA, Battambang (PUCBB).

Before the research program, he faced serious accident.

Foretunately he could save his life, and now he can talk together, although he got serious ingrained.

So yesterday I drove from my home at Siem Reap to the hospital in Battambang City.

When I arrived there, I heard that when got accident, he tried to make a phone call to his assistant and ordered him to treat and follow up my research program, although he was so serious situation.

When I heard that from his assistant in front of him who lies on a bed, I couldn’t stop my tears.

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Now he becomes better!! 

So we continue to do the best and show the great results during this research program together 😊👍