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Hello, I am Sho Otaka.

Thank you very much for coming here.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my views of Haiku with you.



A few years before my birth, my mother became fond of writing Haiku,

so within the family including my father and my brother,

Haiku was a common topic of every day conversation.


As I grew up in such surrounding,

I started to write Haiku without much consideration, when I was a teenager.

But now, I feel that “I am receiving gifts” from Haiku.


First of all,looking closely at what each season brings to us, became a habit,

and finding the slightest changes were a joy to me.


With such tiny things, I am able to feel that I am fortunate.


Also, even when things go wrong, Haiku gives me comfort.

Not only feelings of happiness and joy but also feelings of sadness are loneliness,

which are hard to talk about can be told in Haiku poems.


Although Haiku is the shortest poem in the world,

it is a form of great caliber which is able to accept all of life’s joy and sorrow.


I would be very happy to share the feeling of “receiving gifts” from Haiku,

with everyone here, by going through my Haiku workshop.



Sho Otaka


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