NEW SHARE HOUSE, NEW SHARED LIFE!! | 名古屋のシェアハウス・SHN(Share House Nagoya)のブログ

名古屋のシェアハウス・SHN(Share House Nagoya)のブログ

シェアハウスを運営しているSHN(Share House Nagoya)


SHN's first newly-built shared house has finally opened!爆  笑ラブラブ


Everything from the house to the furniture and other appliances are new!グラサン


This property is specially built to be a shared house so it is very convenient.

Not only convenient but stylish and comfortable.照れ音譜

It is also perfect for the outdoors! 虹晴れ

This share house has a barbeque place, a wood deck and you can enjoy the outdoors with your new share mates.焼肉

You can also enjoy a book and cup of coffee outside when the weather is great.メモコーヒー本



The house has a perfect location too, just two minutes from Sako station and if you like walking, it is just 15 mins from Nagoya station.

For more details, please refer to the URL below.


How about enjoying a new life in a new house?





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