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名古屋のシェアハウス・SHN(Share House Nagoya)のブログ

シェアハウスを運営しているSHN(Share House Nagoya)


Hello everyone!

First of all I want to greet everyone a happy new year!

Some "Japanese Culture" lovers may have heard of Kakizome.

It is writing calligraphy for the first time at the start of the year.


We have  here Ploy-chan, from Thailand currently living at our Kurumamichi share house.ラブ


This is her KAKIZOME taught by the owner of the house who often visits.ニコニコ


She worte ”始(hajime)” which means "begin".グラサン

We may expect new things for Ploy this year!! I wonder what she wants to start...爆  笑


How about you? What did you write for your Kakizomeはてなマーク

May we all have a prosperous year ahead! ウインク

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