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Princess Mononoke - Studio Ghibli (2014 edition


Sounds like Akeboshi
Really memorized me about watching wolf children
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No! Not a farewell masterpiece! Does this mean that Studio Ghibli is gonna finish their movie career!? Please don't! I'm a fan of Ghibli! Oh well, sometimes even good things have to end. Farewell Ghibli! We will always remember those great movies you have created. .

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駿先生、大好きです ああ、もう日本の宝だよ ただただ、ありがとう。

I'm 21 years old now and watching studio ghibli's movies for the first time this year, and it already became my favorite animation studio of all time just after watching 2 movies! I'm in looove with ghibli <3.



I have lost the power to even.... this is gorgeous oh my God....

Wut about : when Marnie was there? Where’s that movie ;-;
No entiendo por qué estoy llorando... pero okey.
How i can get howl's moving castle with english dubbing? I really wan't to watch that with english dubbing :
Ariana favorite movie
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Y'all I'm getting Spirted Away plus Howl's Moving castle plus Kiki's Delivery Service vibes rn!!!!

Hayao Miyazaki you done it again! :-D 

I like Miyazaki's films , but Ponyo was terrible imo. Not even an 8 year old can enjoy it. Spirited away , My ,neighbor totoro , Howl's Moving Castle , Princess Mononoke and Porco Rosso are his best...

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Princess Mononoke is easily #1 EASILY!
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Princess Mononoke - Studio Ghibli (2012 relatif
Tbh , I love Ghibli more than Disney .. I mean .. they kept the traditionnal way .. Disney are making real life movies .. and 3d movies .. Ghibli stills in 2d .Disney are just destroying our childhood and making remake .. and remake again .. and sequels .. Ghibli movies doesnt need any sequels .. that why they are magical .. , they always creates new universes , characters , stories ...even the trailer makes us heartwarm .. they are unique cause I don't think we will have another guy like Miyasaki ...



4:20 My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

A lot of people are making the Harry Potter comparison/implying that this movie is ripping off Harry Potter. I'm here to explain that it simply isn't true. At all. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published in 1997. The Little Broomstick, the novel that this movie is based off of, was released 26 years prior in 1971. J.K. Rowling was only 6 years old when this was published, to put that in perspective. J.K. Rowling absolutely did not invent the magical school genre. She's just the one who made it super popular..


People need to stop getting angry over the accents in this movie. The characters are BRITISH, it's set in britian and it would be pretty weird for British characters to sound American..