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Is it just the origin is like supermans origin
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1:57 mr krupp rips comic in half i t0ld u two thousand times not to draw theez idiotik comix


If you want to immediately watch it then 1:59
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Its almost nothing like the book
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Its raining underwear
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I always knew Captain Underpants was gonna get a movie but it looks more like something Sony or 20th century fox would've made. But I'm glad it was made by Dreamworks cause Sony would've done a horrible job.



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just plz dreamworks plz be good

HE'S CRXY (like a ideot)

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WELP, in one of the newer books we found out that Harold was gay, so thats a thing.

Is the puppet scene real or animated?


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this is my favorite movie


So at 0:49 , Krupp is going to tell George and Harold's parents? NO! They are obviously total failures. Because Krupp has much more effective punishment in mind..
The astronauts are taking a selfie in space LMAO
cant forget anus
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Hey Whats This Name Song?


Dreamworks is having a Underwear fetish lately with Boss Baby and this movie
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What happens at 8:14