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Long time no see calligraphers! 


I have not posted in a while and thought I should give you some updates. 

Not too much new the past few months. Just slogging through winter, waiting for spring.

2019 was a great year for Seisho, and shodo in general. 


Our yearly European adventure took us to the south of Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium,

and Holland. It looks like a return trip to Holland again this year with a few new

countries thrown in the mix. Maybe England or Denmark would be a fun detour?

We were a bit disappointed we did not have a chance to visit Croatia in 2019 due to

time restraints but Baikei, Seikei, and Taiga were able to get revenge and make it

there just last month. I will post some of their amazing pics and videos soon.

Would you like us to visit your country? Please let us know!


Here in Japan we have been plugging away. TBH my own studies have not been

very intense but I intend to refocus from this month and get my groove back:

#hatewinter 笑


In other news, we have been doing lots of YouTube videos.

Check out our Multilanguage teaching series for beginners HERE.

There are lots of useful tips regarding stroke order, balance, speed, and technique.

What is your weakness when it comes to writing? We all have that on thing we

wish we could do better. For me it is a little of everything.



Well that’s all for this little update.

Enjoy the cherry blossoms (coming early this year) and stay safe from coronavirus!