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Long time no see!


How are all you Seishoians out there? 

Did you survive the storm? 

It was a wild one here in Kansai but things are pretty much back to normal. 


Been a busy couple months for Seisho, and all coming to a head this Sunday at Bunraku Gekijo. 

This will be the first show of its kind, incorporating a theater performance with calligraphy story telling. 

[Lots of videos and photos coming soon!]


What artistic endeavors are on the horizon? 

What have you conquered this season? 


We have been filming a lot in the classroom and are working on a new teaching series. 

By chance an epic shodo battle ensued. Please check the LINK to see the first few installments. 



Gotta run!

Here is something for you to enjoy......


The Eighth Of September - Pablo Neruda


This day, Today, was a brimming glass.
This day, Today, was an immense wave.
This day was all the Earth.
This day, the storm-driven ocean
lifted us up in a kiss
so exalted we trembled
at the lightning flash
and bound as one, fell,
and drowned, without being unbound.
This day our bodies grew
stretched out to Earth’s limits,
orbited there, melded there
to one globe of wax, or a meteor’s flame.
A strange door opened, between us,
and someone, with no face as yet,
waited for us there.