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So today I took my math test and did better then I thought I would. I received an 83 which is very high for someone who didn't understand half of what was on the study guides or the tests, haven't taken math in about 2 years and is overall a failure at math in general. But when I sat down in the lady's office, she said in a calm detached kind of voice. "I'm going to have you take it again." I was heart broken. Damn, better luck next time. But when she showed me the score against what you have to get in order to be in certain classes, I knew why. I was only two points away from the College Math, which is the class I need in order to graduate with my Associates of Arts in Psychology. That means that I will be there bright and early in the morning to take another math test, one that I was shaking at when I sat down and had now clue how to do the first 5 or 6 questions out of 12. I have to do better. I have to study tonight. But how do you study what you don't know? If I can test into that class, that means that I have less math to do in the next two years. Maybe just a semester or a year. I can live with that. I just have to use the tutors at the school.. ugh, mathAttractions in Hong Kong.

My back has been hurting a lot too, I'm not sure if it's from having my mattress on the floor or if it's from working, but damn, I wake up in a lot of pain. I also have a cyst in my body. Picture a steal ball that has spikes, sharper than any razor on every part of it's surface, different lengths and all. Now imagine it's about the size of a softball and is located just between your hip bone and the lower right hand side of your bellybutton. This is what I face every day, in various stages of pain. I know that it is not my appendix because I was diagnosed with the cyst a couple years back. Sorry for any male readers here but, it could turn out to be cancerous or it could take away my ability to have kids. I mentioned this in my last post too. So with the combined efforts from my back and this, lets just say I don't do a whole lot of movements during the day - other then work. But my mom found this advertisement for a permanent cure. Now mind you the ovarian cyst that I have, I've done some research onMoving company.

It is said, and I was told by my doctor at the time - rather ER doctor, that you could have surgery to remove the cyst but there is a 50% chance that it'll come back. It may also be hurting my weight-loss and putting more weight on. So I go to the link and am promised a healthier life and internal balance without drugs and surgeries that could leave me infertile. It's called Ovarian Cyst Miracle and I looked up reviews on the book. I couldn't find a negative one. If I order through this link I receive 4 additional books for free and a lifetime of updates on the subject material for only $39. That can't be right. I'm questionable about it because most of her real-life stories were from women 25 to 43 years old. How do I know that it will work for an almost 19 year old college student? Have you heard anything about this? Is it worth it based on the additional costs of remedies, herbs and lotions that the book inquires aboutWater slide?

D and I also want to go to the Renaissance Festival this summer and this weekend is the 2nd to last weekend to go. His close girl friend asked us and I'm skeptical about going with her.. I know she'll be in a swoopy skirt with her midriff showing and not much over her chest. I can't dress like that and feel comfortable at my weight. Plus two of my coworkers are asking if I'll a) switch a shift and b) take a shift for this Friday and Saturday. I don't know if I want to do that just yet when even the schedule for work isn't out yet. I love going to the Festival, it's where I got one of my most favorite necklaces from: It's a Celtic knotted double heart in silver, and it's gorgeous. I think it means two loves combined. The only problem with going is it won't be in the tradition of going with my Nana and parents, like it has been for a couple of years now. I don't have a problem making new memories, I just have an uneasy feeling about it - and how much money you spend