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I’m sorry this is way off topic but Austin butler and van ness Hudgins aren’t a cute couple

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I watched this and was thinking this is so awesome I have to see this. then I remembered I HAVE seen it. gotta stop smoking so much pot lol


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5 year ago. Some like for me?

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boiii all the people from my favorite movies/ tv shows Best thing ever
well, in Age of Ultron, The Avengers had to blow up an entire piece of city. I have yet to hear complaints about that.


Hey.....this movie is a great movie of war......tom cruise saved europe from a alien was oblivion......perhaps someday i will watch it......................tom does many movies....great actor....many great movies..............
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Mute the sound on this and listen to the SnK theme song while watching this. It correlates perfectly (sorta).
Неведомая хуйня, как обычно )))

lol only thing here is tom holland

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