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Doctor: you have 10 minutes to live Me:

Whelp, you’re definitely successful at buying tickets! Saw this on your, absolutely hilarious!.

I would love a dvd of this, from the little I've seen, this is hilarious..

I never go to a theater but I saw this a year ago live and it was so funny

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That guy in the maroon suit is hilarious! This whole act was enjoyable to watch.

Haha love it my aunt showed me this

This is my favorite thing ever. Must. Go. Seeeeeeeeeee.

I saw this on Broadway the other day. I could not stop laughing I had to bite on my jacket it was overwhelmingly funny!

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I've got tickets to see this in Hull for my birthday. I'm so excited about it.

My favourite play - please tour !! xx
Yea, john and the girl were both plants, i guess the word maroon was also already written in the board before he got it (the movments he did were way to small for this size) But now days with youtube and the internet Most young adults already know allot of the magic tricks and hiw they are done, And magic shows become more of a show, And this guy is just a great showman. He is funny as hell, And jts fun to pretend the last guy name was really john Its mkstly a comedy show , and this is the future of magic. Becouse magic like the old times, wouls be stupid to do today (first 5 min it will be on youtube people willl say how its done).

Fake laughs! Hate it!

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come to australia!!!! T.T amazing!!!!!
Is the man who's singing near the end Josh Groban?
Sooooooo funny
That was awesome. Its like a great spin of the amazing jonathon
Simple minded brother great
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So good
this looks like something from a monty python skit
Anyone know the song name that starts at around 1:29 ?

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Woah! He's lost a lot of weight!
Fantastic to see the set built by Splinter get such a good reception. Brilliant Performance! As you can tell it was meant to fall to pieces!!
Hasta Las Patas 😂😉
these guys are brilliant. would love to have seen them at the West End

almost has a Monty Python feel to it
All pants
This is one of the best acts I've seen in a VERY long time. LOVE this.
this is amazing
I am not a fan of theatre because I can never suspend my disbelief unlike cinema, so I avoid the theatre like the plague. But this deconstructs it all up so perfectly. Like Les Dawson pretending to play the piano badly, you first have to know how to play it well... Very well. Equally, this cast and crew are clearly masters of their craft. Thank you, and I cannot believe I am saying this, but I would happily watch this at the theatre..

Which cast members are these?
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Skip to the actual beginning 01:06
wow, just came across this, bloody brilliant !
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The line reading on cat is brilliant.




that looks absolutely brilliant !!!!!
My drama club is taking us to see this show next month and I’m so excited!!! This clip made me laugh so many times! I can’t wait to see the whole show!!!
Ya i think it its easy to read minds nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Prince of Wales LAWD lol
I saw them live at the Lyceum Theatre last night in NYC. I have to say that this was one of those brilliant performances I've ever seen live. I couldn't remember the last time I've ever laughed so hard too. It's so completely worth it to watch live..

I went to see it on tour last week and it was honestly so brilliant, I was crying with laughter! Would really recommend it!

brilliant! I did a spit take when they first tried lifting her through the window!