The Swim Smarter Kit: My Invention/スイムスマーターキット | 今井亮介でよかろうもん!!Ryosuke Imai's Blog

今井亮介でよかろうもん!!Ryosuke Imai's Blog

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I had a brief discussion on my invention, "Swim Smarter Kit" when I met up with this eminent triathlon coach in Tokyo. She said she appreciated the kit and had her swimmers/triathletes use it so they learn to recruit latissimus dorsi in swimming motion.   
I am happy with the fact that many coaches & athletes of various sports find the kit valuable and use it in their training. Yes, the kit works for pretty much all the sports and I knew it did when I first came up with it. Well, I got a help of former pro tennis player, Alex Sugai, in production process. Of course it works for sports other than swimming.


The concept of the (Swim) Smarter Kit is to to enhance your movement by updating your muscle memory. With the kit, your body learn to execute the specific movements, targetted to improve your performance, more efficiently using correct muscles, in correct order, and in hermony. 


The kit has 2 attachments and 2 different tubings, one heavy and one light, to your body. Light tubing should be attached to either your wrists, or your ankles, and heavy tubing should be attached to the body parts closer to your core.  


The aim for attaching the heavy tubing to the part closer to your core is that you recognize using proximal muscle with your core muscle recruited in a motion. The tubing emphasizes the stimulation so the proprioceptive information your body and brain receive would become clearer.  


Furthermore, the kit enables to shorten the leverage your body would deal with the load. That contributes to sphisticate your movement. Most swimmers, especially beginner to upper intermediate, tend to use their hand, which means distal muscle here, to generate power and it results in deteriorating movement effiency. Well, you aren't as relaxed as you should be in the sports. I think it is because your sensory nerves are concentrated around your hands. You could swim faster, longer and easier by updating your movement.


The triathlon coach pointed out that you did not need lighter tubings since heavy tubings attached closer to the core would pretty much do the work. I agree with her on that, but you have to be a veteran of the sports to understand the magic of the kit only using 1 tubings. The light tubing helps people to imagine their target sports/activities and it would make their training and movement optimal.


The kit is versatille. Those tubings and attachments gives freedom which you could come up with optimal exercises for your sports and target movement.