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I love this movie... I wached it around.. 17 times hahahaha
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Since you did an episode on Akira Kurosawa... Maybe one on Yasujiro Ozu in the future? :) ?.


The tensest 22 seconds in any movie ever. Watching this in a cinema, the entire audience doesn't dare even breathe..


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Nujabes <3 i love your channel! Grüße aus Deutschland.
I was confused when I started this video. I had a Coyboy Bebop playlist paused on another screen and thought it started playing again!.
What a marvellous actor,with huge and deep personality can Play such a spectrum !

inspiring....thanks man
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Review your list; no Zatoichi!!?? However #1 still is 7 Samurai!
For me, Seven Samurai is out there on its own and it's a bit unfair to put it in a list of greats. Nothing can top it. Yojimbo is a terrific film and has everything. Mifune's character displays wry humour, a great sense of honour (even though that honour is a bit shabby), and great courage. Likewise in Sanjuro. He plays off the greed and lust for power of others in order to (superficially) make some money. But it's far deeper than that. Kurosawa was a cinematic genius, often imitated, but never bettered..


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God, your background music is alway on point

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You left off Chushingura - the 47 Ronin story. How could you???

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where´s the CC button?
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This fu has an attitude.
you should also write the date and the names of movies on stage. Harika oynamış hepsini.......
i think the last samurai deserved number one
nujabes in the background...
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Zatoichi ..no1


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Toshiro Mifune, the best actor that walked this earth.
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Love it, this is really a class for me of composition of a scene. Thanks!
Samurais - btw this word means the one who obeys - were basically tax collectors with a license to kill....

You forgot Ran and the 1962 version of Chushingura.
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I have only watched the seven samurai (without subtitle and without understanding a single word in Japanese) a few days a go and I loved his acting and I enjoyed his acting throughout the film..
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One of my favorite movies of all time!.
The CC button didn't do anything other than show annotations of what you were saying..


One of the finest actors in film history. And the thing is, if you watch interviews with him, he is not like his most famous characters, the Bandit in Rashomon, or the pseudo samaurai in Seven Samaurai. He is really a kind of laid back, classy guy. That is genuine imaginative acting..

God bless America!

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