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looks good. the Adam corolla podcast sent me here.

Go Carmine!!!!


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That last statement makes no sense. This move is not something the Next generation will get, it's geared toward the last generation that already gets it. It's about an old man's regret. That's something a kid woulden't have a clue about..

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anyone else think tom berenger just turned into an old man from one day to another?

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reading history books, and going to barnes and nobles. this guys one guilty pleasure? ok
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Can't wait to see it !! My brother was one of the motorcyclists that left the fairgrounds when they were filming the movie !!
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This guy I always thought was kind of like Rutger Hauer, I've seen him in things where he was brilliant...but it just seemed like he didn't get a fair shake for more prominent roles in Hollywood. Also found it interesting that Larry seemed to let him talk a bit more than most guests, normally he'd cut them off for a new question..

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It's not playing anywhere that I can find, Had to rip it from the web. I had high hopes, because I'm a big fan of Tom Berenger. My only advice is to watch it for free if you can. The Bikes and ride scenery is great. The Acting is 4th rate. The story line is almost non existent. It almost plays as a parody of itself. If this was made by a first year college film class, I would have given them a C+.


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I'm really not being mean spirited or making fun of him at all. He actually looks like Mickey Rourke now. They now both look like they could really be related..



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